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StumbleUpon, one of the few social media websites, is known for generating huge traffic for blogs across the internet. On 6th of December, StumbleUpon got its new look and finally it completes its make over which was rumored since … Read the rest

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As the smartphone trend is being spread all over the world, Mobile OS war also has been started. Many established mobile OS like iOS; Android, Symbian and BlackBerry are doing well in their respected area. Samsung Electronics, one of the … Read the rest

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As the smartphone war is on, there are top 6 mobile operating systems which are trying to capture most of the market. Android showed immense market spread power by Google’s marketing strategy giving Apple’s iOS a sneak shot. Samsung, with … Read the rest

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One specially sensitive topic for us journalists is the print media vs new media debate. One faction of purists believes that nothing will ever replace print, while others argue that print is destined to die at some point in time, … Read the rest

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Gadgets are some kind of tools which do some specific task for human being. When we come to technology related gadgets, then these are the gadgets which are based on a particular technology. We again found some best technology … Read the rest

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Ever since the iPhone’s debut back in 2007, Apple has been hooked on to the mobile device and its platform, iOS, to a level where most analysts and loyalists couldn’t help but think the Cupertino based company had diverted attention … Read the rest