60 Open Source PHP CMS for Developers


Whenever you try to create a new website, you need a lot of attention toward controlling the flow of data. You always need a better approach to manage your website data, so that your website can run smoothly. Here, content management system comes with the all requirement fulfilling of your website data management. Every E-commerce website uses a Content Management System to handle lots of data requests and manage them easily. One of the most valuable examples of CMS is WordPress, which is written in PHP language, is used mostly for Blogs, E-Commerce websites and other corporate websites. There are other CMS also available in PHP language which you can use to develop your website. These PHP CMS are fully Open Sourced, means you have proper rights under GPL to modify these according you your need and make them more usable for others. Following is a list of Open Source PHP CMS, can be used either by developers or any general user to fulfill their data management needs.


Open Source PHP CMS


1. DynPage

DynPage allows you to edit Websites online and make pieces of contents editable with a comfortable editor. DynPage implements the CKeditor – one of the world best Internet editors. The integration of content into the HTML pages can be done with Ajax/Javascript or PHP – so you can also handle cross domain sites. DynPage is written in PHP and does not require MySQL database. It’s easy to install and to configurate.


2. DynPG

DynPG stands for dynamic web pages and is a free content management system (CMS). It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as database management system. DynPG including all basic modules is freeware and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


3. Havalite

Havalite, a lightweight, open source CMS, based on php and SQLite. It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License.


4. Elxis

Elxis CMS is a true multilingual CMS. UTF-8 encoding is supported in core level. That means that you can display content in any language, without problems. Based on the selected language, you may change the way your site looks. You can change the appearance and the layout. The administration environment is available in English and Greek languages, out of the box. You can later add your own native language.


5. Kajona

Though Kajona still is a young system, it has a lot of features. A few of those should be presented in the follwing paragraphs…


6. Lemon CMS

Lemon CMS is a light weight and powerful content management system that allows you to quickly and easily created dynamic and search engine friendly websites without the need for a database.


7. LitePublisher

LitePublisher has many features such as blog, ticket system, wiki, image gallery, audio|video player and more


8. eliteCMS

Elite CMS is a web content management system made for the peoples who don’t have much technical knowledge of HTML or PHP but know how to use a simple notepad with computer keyboard.


9. Mac’s CMS

Mac’s CMS is a Flat File ( XML and SQLite ) based AJAX Content Management System. It focuses mainly on the Edit In Place editing concept. It comes with a built in blog with moderation support, user manager section, roles manager section, SEO / SEF Url


10. PHP-Fusion

PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP4. It uses a mySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple yet comprehensive adminstration system. PHP-Fusion includes the most common features you would expect to see in many other CMS packages including news, articles, forums, polls, shoutbox, comments, ratings, much more.


11. phpWarmSky

phpWarmSky provides a complete website content management system (cms) which includes over 40 modules and 10 themes. phpWarmSky Client output is valid XHTML 1.0. phpWarmSky is free, open source software and is licensed under the GNU LGPL and GNU GPL.


12. PivotX

PivotX is free software to help you maintain dynamic sites such as weblogs, online journals and other frequently updated websites. It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL or flat files as its database.


13. EmbryoCore

EmbryoCore is a blog / content management system written using PHP5’s newest features. Highly customizable, XHTML:Strict compliant, with full integration of jQuery for dynamic ajax-powered content.


14. Pixie

Pixie is a free, open source web application that will help you quickly create your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a content management system (cms), we prefer to call it a small, simple, website maker.


15. Podcast Generator

Free web based PHP podcasting script: publish podcasts uploading audio/video files via a web form and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feeds including iTunes specific tags. The script also features a comprehensive web administration. [No MySQL]


16. Precurio

Precuro is an easy to use, visually attractive, intranet portal software with workflow automation and robust reporting. Precurio gives your organization a one point access to information and also helps you streamline your business processes/workflow


17. GuppY

GuppY, the easy, free and databaseless web portal, will allow you to generate very easily a complete and interactive web site.


18. Redaxscript

Redaxscript is a free, PHP and MySQL driven website engine for small business and private websites. It’s ultra lightweight, simple and customizable.


19. Primitive CMS

This CMS is especially for simple users and for users who want to develop something not from zero .The current version is 1.0.9(fixed some bugs)


20. glFusion

A powerful system with Mootools AJAX support, integrated Forum, CAPTCHA/Spam filters, Calendars, Polls, File & Media Gallery solutions and more, all right out of the box! Frustrated by hunting for compatible 3rd party plugins? glFusion has it all today!


21. ProcessWire

ProcessWire is a friendly and powerful open source CMS and CMF with an exceptionally strong foundation. With all custom fields, an easy-to-use jQuery-inspired API, and a powerful page selector engine, ProcessWire will rise to any task.


22. ecoCMS

EcoCMS – Meet the easiest, Free CMS on Earth, Save Energy… Build Websites Faster! Meet ecoCMS, probably the easiest FREE Content Management System on Earth!


23. Gekko Web Builder

Gekko Web Builder is a lightweight, extensible content management system platform for publishing websites, intranets, or blogs.


24. Section CMS

Section CMS a PHP & MySQL, Designer Friendly and Module based Open Source and easy to use Content Management System.


25. Seagull

Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed under BSD, the project allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly.


26. RhinOS

RhinOS is a perfect tool for building a professional website, and manage it in a easy and dynamic way without needing technical knowledge. Its license is 100% free software based GPL-3.0.


27. FuzzyLime

Fuzzylime (cms) is the easiest way for you to run your site and keep it up-to-date. Once installed, you can update from any internet-connected PC in the world – you don’t even need to know HTML!


28. SilverStripe

A genuinely user friendly content authoring environment, able to be substantially and easily customised by professional website developers. Open source with commercial support.


29. SoftXMLCMS

SoftXMLCMS provides a fast and easy way to create a professional, multilingual website and manage its content.


30. Hippo CMS

Hippo separates content from presentation A key element in our solution is Hippo’s powerful content repository, which allows organizations to (re)publish content through a multitude of different channels like mobile, multiple websites, I-pad or printed


31. Spitfire

With Spitfire you take your changes directly in the Website and not as customary in a separate system. It captivates by its simple operation, easy systems’ manageability and extreme flexibility.


32. Fundanemt

Fundanemt is an open source CMS that aims at small and medium sized websites. The system is highly focused on usability. The user must be able to interact with his or hers website without no further knowlegde than that of the average desktop user.


33. SyndeoCMS

SyndeoCMS, a fork of Site@school, is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and maintain the website of a primary school, but it can also be a very usefull CMS for small companies or non profit organizations.


34. Horizon QCMS

Horizon QCMS is a user friendly dynamic content management system that supports auto navigation and a wide range of multimedia files. Horizon QCMS works on PHP 5 and MySQL and it is easy to customize the look and feel of the site and the control panel.


35. synType CMS

synType CMS is a free open source Web Content Management System. synType CMS is fast, secure, stable and easy to learn. It provides many tightly integrated features out of the box, where other systems require external modules you may even have to pay for.


36. TangoCMS

Powerful. Simple. Secure. Built around strict coding standards (W3C HTML valid) and simplicity, TangoCMS allows you to create and manage a site quickly and easily. Blogs, RSS Feeds, and a powerful Media module are just some of the features available.


37. Fruml Content Manager

Fruml CMS is a brand new Content Management System that helps you to manage your websites in one single system built with usability, web-standards and expandability in mind.


38. The Pacer Edition CMS

The Pacer Edition CMS is a PHP5.2.9–based content management system that enables users to produce websites with ease. The Pacer Edition CMS is an Open Source Community Project ready to use out of the box with features including a template-based…


39. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Tiki is a full-featured, tightly integrated, open source, multilingual, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, written in PHP and actively developed by a very large international community.


40. Fork CMS

Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. We take great pride in being the Content Management System of choice for beginners and professionals.


41. Hotaru CMS

Hotaru CMS is an open source, PHP platform for building your own websites. With flexible plugins and themes, you can make any site you like.



Tribiq CMS is the easy to use but powerful Content Management System from Tribiq. This open source PHP/MySQL based CMS enables fast site development and the addition of plugin based features. It has built in multilingual and secure Extranet features.


43. TrioEditor CMS

Trioeditor CMS is an all easy full featured CMS. No database setups. Free and ready to use.


44. Exponent

Exponent is a web application that allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic websites. Unlike other site management tools, Exponent is completely self-contained.


45. TYPO3

TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules.


46. html-edit CMS

Take advanced control of your website without the need of programming skills.
Read the description and watch the promotion video.


47. Vesthelm Engine

Vesthelm EE is a flexible site engine which allows you to develop amazing online applications.


48. Escher CMS

Escher is a smart flexible content management system built especially for web designers. Escher is powerful, flexible and extensible and excels at all kinds of sites, from simple blogs to corporate brochure sites to complex multi-user community sites.


49. WalrusCMS

An easy to use intuitive edit-in-place java based content management system.


50. Icy Phoenix

Icy Phoenix is a CMS based on phpBB (a fully scalable and highly customizable open-source Bulletin Board package PHP based) plus many modifications and code integrations which add flexibility to the whole package.


51. web@all CMS

web@all CMS is an open-source PHP+MySQL freeware.support BBS, CMS and E-commerce functions.


52. Enano CMS

The design concept of a wiki is incredible: a page is created just by linking to it. We took that even farther, by implementing the concept of a wiki into the concept of a traditional CMS that supports many different modular features. Enano is designed from the ground up to be both a wiki at the core, and a flexible, open development model that lets you add anything you want.


53. Webmatic

Webmatic its a free GNU/GPL object oriented php script that lets to create a complex website. With Webmatic its possible to manage: menu, pages, forums, chat, newsletter, survey and more…


54. ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS is a community developed Content Management System for easily building and maintaining a dynamic web site. Keep your web site up to date with this easy to use, secure and flexible system.


55. Jumbo

Jumbo is a CMS with a strong focus on usability. It allows users with limited technical expertise to modify the content of their website. It offers many unique features including drag-and-drop navigation bar creation and management.



Content publishing, search, security, dynamic forms, blog, events, gallery, forum, multi language to a whole new level, and much, much more – JAKCMS has it all and it is free.


57. Joostina CMS

Joostina – a system originally based on the Joomla! CMS, but has undergone significant changes that allowed it to stand out in a separate project. Joostina as well as Joomla! – A product based on PHP and MySQL.


58. Jaws

Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly.


59. Joomla

Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.


60. e107

The e107 website content management system provides all the features you need to build a basic website or a fully interactive web portal. The website has a user management system, which controls access to the main areas of your e107 web system, which are fully controllable.