Technology Gadgets of the Month


Gadgets are some kind of tools which do some specific task for human being. When we come to technology related gadgets, then these are the gadgets which are based on a particular technology. We again found some best technology related gadgets for you. These gadgets are really useful in your routine life, some of these can change your lifestyle too. When the term changing lifestyle comes into mind, then it probably many hurt your pocket (or your husband’s pocket). So lets stop all the boring talking, just ready to feel the gadgets of the month.


1. Art du Temps Clock

In our quest for quirky designs and products, we often bump into things which makes us go say whaat? Here’s presenting a clock which comes straight out of some sci-fi movie. Art du Temps mechanical square plates move in random position, denoting each second. A simple voice command makes the Art du Temps reveal itself. Be ready to shell it our for INR 42,75,000 only.


2. PSP Bugatti

Now, before you guys get all jumpy and eagerly await the PSP Bugatti Veyron edition, let us tell you that it’s still in the pipeline, It incorporates multi-player option enabled via bluetooth along with a crisp 16:9 inch display. No word on the pricing yet.


3. Suunto Elementum

Designed for sports junkies, the Elementum Terra is loaded with a host of features such as an altimeter, a barometer and a digital compass is that is is 3D and updates your direction in real time, The chronograph measures time up to 1/100th of a second. It’s available for INR 54,000 only.


4. Origin Big O 360 + Computer

How would you like a disassembled Xbox 360 put together into a brightly lit water cooling system? The overall system looks funky and would make for a great gaming rig. It even comes topped with Windows 7, The system is available for INR 4,45,599 Only.


5. Leica MP-9

The MP-9 from Leica is he world’s smallest full format digital camera. It supports an 18 MP CCD image sensor which is capable of recording in full 35-mm film format. The LCD display is covered with sapphire crystal and is extremely scratch resistant. Get ready to shell out INR 3,60,000. After all it’s a Leica.