Twitter Tactics to increase your incoming Traffic


Are you struggling to get the maximum power of Twitter for your blog? It is natural that you want more followers and traffic for your content. Just like your competitors you would want success for yourself too, but do not know where to start. Regardless of whether you own a big site owner or just own a small blog, you can use twitter tactics to get lots of traffic for your content.


  1. Visual content– Twitter is not just a text platform, it features visual content too through auto expansion of the images in your tweets. Thus, you must accompany your content with images. With stunning visuals your updates will stand out among the others.

Blue bird

  1. Limited information– When you tweet links, you must not give too much about your content in your tweet. If your reader reads the entire story already from your tweets, then they will not click the link to read. Tease your readers with little info so that they visit you to read more.



  1. Repetition– It is considered bad to post same update on the same site several times as audience will be bored. But, as updates are missed easily on Twitter and your followers will be disappointed to miss your latest posts it is ok to repeat them. To prevent your audience getting bored with same content several times, you can alter the images and the text in your tweet.




  1. Be submissive– your twitter community will help you with the informing the direction of your content. Poll your audience on twitter by asking what issues they face. When you ask them for their opinions and challenges you can build trust and familiarity among users. When you do not have enough followers for a survey then you can twitter has a tool for conducting research on topics of common interest. When content turns to the needs of your audience then more traffic will be attracted to your blog.



  1. Hash tags– Tweets with hash tags get 2 times more engagement than those without them. When you engage them more with tweets, you will get more visibility and clicks for your links. Hash tags must relate to your blog posts subject so users will search for your expertise on twitter through your tweets. Maintain consistency with your usage of hash tags to associate well with your audience. However, you must not do them too much, not more than 3 hash tags per tweet, or it will affect your update’s readability.


  1. Connect with people- people make twitter successful and if you want to get blog traffic then you must interact with people online as well as offline. Share your likes, interests, humor etc with your professional content. This will help people learn about you as a real person. This will lead to more followers.



  1. Buy visibility- If you do not have a large amount of followers on twitter then you can pay to increase your visibility of your tweets through twitter’s promoted tweets products. It will help you target the right audience through focusing on keywords, interests and devices.