How Website Design Affects Traffic: Some important key elements


How Website Design Affects Traffic: Some important key elements

The content of your website is extremely important, but increasingly, visitors to your site won’t consume or share your awesome content if the user experience on your website is poor.

The main thing is “How easily can visitors navigate your website to find the information that they came for in the first place?”


If your site isn’t optimized for a great user experience through effective design, you will sacrifice traffic.

Usually people concentrate on the Keywords in the articles and on content and ignore the design of a website, if popular keywords are used while designing the website; it will quickly climb the SEO rank order.

Web design is where everything starts and ends. This is one of the most important aspects of any online business or website. Vancouver Web Design Solutions provides you with world’s web designers; they create a unique and premium web design for you. They also ensure Search engine visibility, so that you get customer flow who can find you on first pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When your website design has less than a second to create an impression, you need to know exactly which things need to be top-priority.

How you can use these features to leave a lasting impression on customers/visitors:


Easy and quick navigation on your website will build trust in the customer’s mind. When a website opens itself up to be explored, it exposes itself to the customer which leads the customer to believe that the website has nothing to hide.


Visuals plays a very important role, visitors are attracted by visuals on your homepage. So always keep it simple image should be crisp and must grab the attention of visitors.


Search engines catch keywords in the form of text and not graphics. Google is the only search engine that detects keywords in flash graphics up to some extent. Always remember that “Content is King”; the volume and content (the latter more importantly) on the website will directly affect the SEO rank.

Always keep the content short and simple, easily understandable and in a layman language as if you are teaching your users.



If you are running a website it’s always good to show what other people are recommending. It works as an endorsement from real readers.


Adding sharing buttons for social media pages ensures that your visitors will be able to voice their opinions about your brand immediately. This gives them the power to share their thoughts with their friends on the spot.


Many, many more people are using the web on their mobile devices – including cell phones and tablets – to access the information they need these days. Is your web design easily viewable on a mobile device? If not, you are probably losing potential customers and sales to competitors who do have sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

Lastly, take a step back and analyze your website as a whole. Look at it as a person.  Does it look good? Confront your website’s weaknesses and ruthlessly axe down any unnecessary content. Each element on the web page should have a solid reason for being there.