Things you should know before hiring a web design company


Having a website has become one of the key factors for running a successful business. As digitalization is expanding to all corners of the globe, the world seems to be shrinking. In this era, any firm whether it is small or large needs a website to promote its business globally or locally. A website is a great marketing strategy for expanding a business. It reaches more audiences than an advertisement could ever reach. Having a website for your business makes it look more professional. If you have products that could be sold online a website can actually increase the range of your customers. Moreover, a website gives business owners a competitive edge over their peers.

However, the aesthetic of the website is as important as the quality of the product or services it offers. Because people judge the quality of a company based on the look of their website. Within seconds after seeing your site people make up their minds if they want to continue exploring it. Anyone can create a website these days using readymade software available in the market. But these websites have lots of problems which would cost the company a lot of money. That’s why many organizations hire a professional web designing company to build their website. So let’s take a look at the things you should consider before hiring a web design company.

Know your priorities

Before consulting a web design company you must understand your own priorities and requirements. Priorities are the most important things that need to be present on your website because they describe your purpose. You should have a clear view of what goes on to your website and what goes on to your website and what doesn’t.

In the beginning, you may feel like having all possible actions that can be done on a website. But know what you really want your website to express to your customers. Do you want it to be complex? Or do you want it to be simple? Do you want to use your website to sell your products? Or do you want to just provide information to your customers? All these things need to be considered before contacting a web designer or a web design agency.

Make a plan for your website

If you do not have a website, make a plan on how your website should look. Do lots of research on what are the essentials for a website that deals with your line of work. Every action your website performs should reflect your company’s purpose. Take special care on the way your brand logo looks as it is the first thing people notice.

 Determine how many pages your website requires. After that distinguish each page based on the information you want them to convey. One should have a clear idea of how much information each page carries. Find out if that information is relevant or if that information is necessary? What are all the visuals that you are going to have on the website? Know what are all the buttons you want to include like social media buttons and email integrations etc. This will give your web designer a clear understanding of how to design your website.


There can never be a fixed price for designing a website as each website is designed with its own set of features. Each website differs from the other depending on the quality of design and actions they can perform. So if you want your website to be what you have intended then it is to better you know your budget in advance. This will help your developer to come up with solutions that are appropriate for your needs.

Do not be shocked if the website with all your specifications costs more than you expected. This could be because of all the sophisticated features that you require to run your business. The amount of detailing and time given to design a website also impact its budget so know how you are dealing with it. Ask a business owner about the money he spent on the website you like that consists of your requirements. This would give you an idea of what your website could cost.

Seo and Smartphone compatibility

You can drop the idea of having a website if it is not compatible with mobile devices. Most of the internet users search for websites on their smartphones. Even Google has stated that its first priority is going to be mobile optimized websites as they form a large part of the traffic. So websites that are optimized for mobile search engines are the ones that show up the most.

Just optimizing a website for smartphones and tablets is not enough you have to consider other factors that improve user experience. Your website should be easy to navigate and have a responsive design that is swift.  Make sure that your website is SEO and mobile-friendly like the ones created by Dilate Digital’s web design service.

Choose a web design company that has brand awareness

If you want to elevate your profile above your competitors then you want to increase your brand awareness. Your website plays the most important role in your brand awareness strategy. Starting from the logo design to the about us page, everything on your website contributes to increasing your reach to newer potential customers. So you must choose a web designing company that has brand awareness as it would make it easy for them to design a website with a target audience in mind. This is also important because a web designing company with brand awareness creates a website that mirrors the goals of your organization.

Select a trustworthy web design company

When you employ someone to design your website the process does not stop just after delivering the website. The candidates who are assigned with this work could be your partners for many years to come. They have to provide support and upgrade your website whenever you require them. So you should select a reliable partner who not only designs your website but provides you with support and updates.

Enquire in the market about the web designing companies that are trustworthy and provide good customer support. Ask them what is the level of their support before and after designing your website. Know who is responsible for handling the actions of your website and also ask them about their action plan in case of some emergency. Ask them about their customer support policy to know who is accountable if something goes wrong. Find out if they can meet the proposed deadline. The more intricate details the more time it takes to create a website, so consider a contract that is beneficial to both.

Experience in web designing

If you are looking to hire a web designing company then it is better to hire an experienced one. You should do this because they are the ones with proper knowledge on how to deal with a particular project. They would know how to approach each project differently as they might have worked on many similar projects. A professional web design company knows the pulse of the target audience. They know what works and what doesn’t.

An experienced web designing company adds high-quality content and graphics to your website. Ask the web development about their previous projects, ask them about the scale of the projects they have worked and view some of their work related to your business stream. But hiring a professional web designing agency can prove to be costly so talk to them in advance about their fee including maintenance before signing a deal.


An attractive web design automatically sets the audience’s perception of being in touch with a good association. It assures the customers that they are dealing with a legitimate site that means business. No one wants to visit a poorly designed or outdated looking websites. Visually appealing web design plays a major role in gaining the trust of potential clientele.