10 ways of building a solid online presence


Building a strong online presence is very important in this increasingly digital world. Whether you are a business, building a blog or have your own personal brand, you must build faithful followers online for experiencing the success you want which you strive for day and night.

If you build a strong online presence you can quickly get into the minds of the people and so you can make your business a success. With a strong online presence you can get great amount of followers, readers and customers visiting your site or page in plenty. The following are 10 ways of building a strong online presence:


  1. Keep your blog interesting


Good blogging is not rocket science. However, you will be surprised at how often people overlook this simple thing. Do not swim in the idea that beautiful graphically designed blog is a great blog, one which has loads of visitors. No, it is not going to happen. Most of the graphic designers do not know about readability, usability and skimmability. Design is important for a blog, but it is not about how beautiful the header is or how good the side bar looks. It is about formatting design. Well formatted design will bring your blog info to life. Even if you are a killer blog writer, if your formatting is terrible, nobody will care about your blog. So be careful about what you offset, your paragraph breaks and other aspects of formatting.

  1. Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization plays a very important role in making a solid online presence. It is ok if you are not a SEO expert, there a lot of resources which can help. Ask those who have enough knowledge to get started.  To know what keywords you to include in your site, use the Google Keyword tool to find what keywords you want your site to rank for.

  1. Web content


You have just 10 seconds to attract your reader’s attention online. Ten seconds that is it, that is the attention span of a reader. From the time your site opens on their computer you must grab their attention and keep them convinced that they should scroll down the page and read the entire content. You must manage to convince your reader that they have landed on the right page and provide them all the info they have been searching for. You can do this through short paragraphs, subheadings, bulleted points, numbers, words in bold. Readers want to scan, skim and jump around the content, so you have to make that process easy for your audience.

  1. Understand what you want and who you want to say to


A topic is written online to target certain group of audience.  Not all content is written for the mass audience as they mass audience are not going to read them. So you have to know who your market is and then own them. Write for the people you need your ideas, wisdom and your service or product.

  1. Optimize


You must not get yourself stuck in thinking that you cannot place something out there till you have made it perfect. No, it is never going to be perfect. Just keep in mind that you will always have the chance to improve your content and what you can offer your readers. Constantly searching for ways for improving your content and optimizing your blog or site and your content after launch is 100% than not launching at all. All of this takes place in a process. So if you keep waiting longer to start it, it will be longer for you to be able to reach your goals which you have set for making an online presence.

  1. Write everywhere


You must write everywhere and not just on your blog or site. The reason for this is you want to make yourself a pro in this niche, to your target market. Connect with few other sites who have a readership or target audience you want to connect with. Think of how you can add value to these sites and then build community for what you can add to the community. As you start building your community, you will build your own platform organically.

  1. Constant learning is necessary


Audience always appreciates new tactics, technology and info. So you have to invest in your blog, personal brand or business and try to stay up to date with the latest trends. As your primary business relies on tech and info, you have to no right to overlook this step.

  1. Strategies



It is very important that you understand your goals, short and long term. As you build and grow your online presence, you must ask yourself constantly how each of your efforts online help you in taking a step towards your business goals. Make a list of your goals and so that you can easily refer to them when you are checking to ensure what you are doing online. Building an online presence is not what is important, you have to strategically build it with your business goal.

  1. Solid platform

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Build a solid platform which begins with your website. Your site is your hub; which is a centralized place where you can learn more what you can offer, interact and engage with your content. Your site has to provide an easy to use navigation, an opt in giveaway, an about page, a contact page, and some kind of valuable content which is necessary.

  1. Consistency and value


Whether you are trying to make a strong online presence through your online community, or through social media channels, you must always provide consistent value throughout. Whether you are providing blog content, videos or books or whatever web content, your prime aim has to be consistency and value. When you create consistent and valuable content, you will get credibility and authority in your niche, which is absolutely necessary for visibility and growth online. If you are sharing knowledge or content with your community and followers, and even if this content is not yours you must keep in mind that the content is of good value for your audience. This will help in building trust in your followers and it help you build a strong online presence.