What is a Wikidata Page?


You have heard about Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, and other Wikimedia Foundation Projects. Wikidata has been around for a decade and is helping researchers work on data projects. Keep reading to learn what you can do with this resource.

What is a Wikidata Page?

Wikidata is a free, collaborative, multilingual database that provides structured data from the Wikimedia projects. This data can power Wikipedia articles and other websites and applications.

With Wikidata, you can generate lists and info boxes automatically. As a result, you only need to add and update data in one place. Afterward, it can be displayed on Wikipedia, in any article, and in any language.

Wikidata is linked data. Every piece of data has a unique identifier – a Q number. As a result, data is presented in a series of statements or triples.

Many things you see around us already have structured data on Wikidata. So, they can be linked together. 

As a result, Wikidata can help us answer complex questions such as what cities have the most birds (The city of Cali in southwestern Colombia) or how many libraries are there in the United States (an estimated 117,341 libraries of all kinds).

Wikidata is not just a list of numbers or names. Its data is stored in Wikibase, the same database used by Wikipedia. Its structure helps define the meaning of data that humans can easily understand. 

A Wikidata page is a page that contains structured data from the Wikimedia projects. This data can power Wikipedia articles and other websites and applications. Here is a good Wikidata page example.

Why Do You Need a Wikidata Page?

Setting up a Wikidata page is excellent if you have a business or need to continue enhancing your brand. Thanks to the Wikimedia projects’ domain authority, a Wikidata page will have great SEO value.

In addition, Machines can read Wikidata. In other words, artificial intelligence, digital assistants, bots, and scripts can manipulate structured, linked data on Wikidata. 

As a result of its access to an extensive database of freely available, open data, this program can better answer people’s questions. People can search more efficiently with more context and links to related sources. 

This means more sales and leads for business owners, thanks to increased visibility.

Adding Items to Wikidata Pages

To add a new item to your Wikidata page:

  1. Go to wikidata.org. Log in or create an account.
  2. Access the button left of the main page called Create New Item. It redirects you to a page for creating a new entry on a specific topic. On this page, you will get a message that tells you to ensure that the item you want to create complies with their notability policy and that it doesn’t already exist.
  3. Next, fill in the name of your new item in the “Name” field and add information to your “Description” field by clicking “Edit” next to it.
  4. Once you have created your item on Wikidata, you can add statements that include facts about your object or person to the “Statement” field.
  5. After you have done this, you can publish.

Wikidata is a valuable resource for linking ideas and bringing people together. Your company can benefit from adding information to Wikidata pages. After creating your Wikidata page, you can connect it to your company website and share your content on social media.