6 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral


To many people, blogging is just a hobby; but to others, it’s a way of life. In some cases, blogging is an individual’s main source of income. Other folks would love to know how to optimize earnings and potential with blogging.
We can help. Below are six ways to make your blog go “viral.”


1. Know your followers

First of all, you have to know who you are catering to. What marketing niche most interests you and how can you reach and hold their attention?
You’ll need to take some time to figure this out before you move ahead into the blogging stratosphere. Your motivational speech at this time should be: find them, amaze them, and keep them!


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2. Research

Check out other blogs in your selected genre. Do they bring in loads of traffic? Do they have lots of followers? Pay attention to how well these other blogs are doing and base your strategy on whatever you can discern about their strengths and weaknesses.


3. Be consistent

Many blogs do well because they publicize a schedule of how often they will be posting. Not only do they post lots of material, but they post it often and consistently.
Staying consistent will keep your audience at attention: they will wait eagerly for your next post. If you commit to remaining on a schedule, you’ll also find it easier to keep up with your duties on your blog.


4. Be personal

Let your audience know what sort of person writes the material they enjoy. Post a picture of yourself on your profile and take the time to write a paragraph or two about who you are and what you like to do.
When your audience sees the personal side of the author, they appreciate the content in a whole new way. A personal relationship tends to create a more loyal audience.


5. Be quick

When news breaks, be the first to write about it. This may be an impossible goal, considering there are millions of bloggers, but you should try. As soon as a big story hits the news, sit down and cover it.
This is a very good way to make your blog go viral in a short time. Most everyone wants to know the latest gossip and news events. Why not hear it from your up-and-coming blog!


6. Experiment and pay attention

Utilize many other tools, such as social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to see what tactics work for you. Experiment during down time and then pay attention to the results by monitoring your stats.
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Your blog can indeed go viral. It can explode and become a good source of income. It may take time and it will take patience, but your blog can achieve amazing results with the right mindset.