Twitter habits you must learn from an effective tweeter


Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for professional and personal brands. But have you ever thought what marks the difference between just an ordinary twitter account and the one which has thousands of engaged followers.

Effective tweeters may seem different, who range from celebrities, political officials and those who just want to have fun, but some things which they have in common with regard to how they use twitter.

If you have a powerful network on twitter, it will be profitable for you and your brand too. Businesses and individuals all over the globe are using twitter. Whether you are searching for your possible clients or to make new friends or to follow your favorite celebrity, then twitter is the place you must be.

To effectively achieve your twitter goals, you have to possess some habits that will ensure your success and prosperity.

  1. Tweeting regularly


Just like out of sight out of mind, when you are out of tweets you will be out of minds of people. Be regular on twitter for deriving the maximum benefits if you are a business owner. Twitter users have short attention span and no business owner wants to be off their minds. Tweeting once a day is good, but you must be genuine about it and do not just tweet for the sake of tweeting. Your tweets have to be informative and interesting if you want to attract audience. None will follow your uninteresting tweets and will un-follow you on twitter.

  1. Interaction


You must be engaged in conversations actively. Twitter’s new conversation view will help you with it. You must relay yourself to your potential followers that you are not on a pedestal, that you are willing to have a conversation with your followers. Successful twitter users stay connected with their followers by constantly responding to tweets, starting conversations and asking questions. All of this keeps up the connection and you will have more followers.

  1. Content consistency


When you have a follower on twitter, it is mostly because your tweets convey to your followers that you have specific shared interests with that follower. When you tweet with a consistent voice about a consistent topic, your interests will be more clear to your followers when they first look at your tweets, and it makes it easy for them to follow you. A good twitter habit is sticking to a few topics for your bulk tweets, while sometimes you can mix it up.

  1. Re-tweeting


Similar to writers, twitter users too experience a tweeter’s block when they have nothing to tweet about. Fortunately, twitter has millions of other interesting and knowledgeable tweeters who can help you. You can just re-tweet catchy things, news, and other informational tweets from your followers they will love it. If you find a tweet interesting then re-tweet it. What matters most is the content you tweet, not from who it is coming from. Keep this in mind and do not be afraid of re-tweeting a message or information which is worth a tweet. Social media is all about sharing, and there is no better way than sharing on twitter than re-tweeting content which interests you into the timelines of your followers.

  1. Asking for a re-tweet


Yes, you heard it right. Though it might be surprising for you, but asking for a re-tweet is one of the best ways of getting more re-tweets and get your tweets into more timelines of your potential followers. According to a study, your chances of being re-tweeted increases 12 times if you simply ask for a re-tweet. The study showed an even more surprising result that when your spell the word “re-tweet” your chances of getting one increases by 23 times. So all you need to do is just ask for it.

  1. Exclusive content sharing



One of the biggest advantages of being a part of a social network is staying up to date on all the current events and updates. By providing your followers with the popular and relevant info you provide yourself and your brand a special advantage. Try sharing great info which people can only find from you. Others will share this same info from you but you will feel great as you are the one to provide the info first.

  1. Prioritize


If you are business owner and twitter is a part of your business practice for providing customer care and for marketing your brand, then you must prioritize it ahead of other tasks which are not that important. Twitter has to be your same priority live email and web. Keep your professional contact who like to send you quick direct messages on twitter than sending emails. Keep twitter as your high priority on your daily to do list.

  1. Be positive


When you are happy and positive on twitter, you will get more followers than those who tweet in a negative manner regularly. It is common sense that people do not sign on twitter to engage with anything negative. According to a study, twitter users who tweet mostly in negative manner start losing more followers faster. So remember happiness and positivity is the key to success on twitter.

  1. Engage your followers


Many twitter users do not engage their followers, and they result will be that your followers will gradually reduce. So instead of just talking to your followers talk with them. What it means is let it be a 2 way communication. Learn to engage your audience, join conversations. Go through your list or timeline and look for people tweeting on things which interest you and take part in the conversation. Ask questions for which you will get responses. When you follow people, talk to them and engage them in your conversations, they will follow you back.

  1. Show courtesy


Many twitter users use slang and abusive language heavily in their tweets or in their profile. It does not work actually, especially if you are a business. Be courteous and stay away from malpractices and just concentrate on the positive aspects. Thank people publicly when needed on twitter.