Steps to Keep You Away from Losing Followers on Twitter


Twitter is a great social networking platform that allows you to stay connected with your friends and family. Everyone who has an account on Twitter will want to have more and more number of followers for their accounts. Even though one may get Twitter followers through various means and increase their followers count, it is very important to engage them and maintain their interest. You may have seen many a time followers opting out and thus following are some of the simple ways that will keep you away from losing followers on Twitter.


Steps to Keep You Away from Losing Followers on Twitter


Watch Out for Fake Profiles

You must see whether the profile of your follower is filled up or not. If the follower has a mostly incomplete profile, it usually suggests that it’s a spam or dubious account. Twitter has become strict with such accounts and periodically deletes them. Thus, you will end up losing a follower. The most common way to find out about such account is to see the images of user accounts, if it is still default even after being on Twitter for a long time; chances are high that the account is just a spam. Usually, the number of followers for every account is exaggerated because of the use of spammers.


Short Tweets

Many people tweet too short which offers little or no value to the followers. Even though short messages are preferred on online forum, but they should be enough convey your thoughts, relevance and variance. Simply writing any random thing on Twitter won’t take you anywhere and no one is going to read what you are going to Tweet and once your followers lose interest in your tweets, then won’t take a second thought to un-follow you.


Engage Your Followers

On Twitter the interaction between the users are limited to their tweets only. This networking community was basically built to communicate across web and thus you should always engage with your followers and you have to do it in a caring way. It’s always a good habit to reply to all the messages that you receive. If you are not getting any communication from your followers then you message them. You must be able to appreciate them for following you. Encourage them to tweet and you will definitely gain and maintain their interest.

Just follow these simple rules and you won’t end up losing followers. Your following will be robust and you will gain trust and reputation among your peers.