DailyGarlic.com : Interesting Site to Share Funny Pictures and Videos


What you still have not seen is available here; some mindboggling, funny pictures and videos which I can bet are something never seen before and are as real as this world is. This is not a regular social networking website; this one has the audacity of real life with a pinch of softness and fun. I am talking about Dailygarlic.com which I would suggest not to be confused with any food/recipe or fitness program promotional website. The name only implies that like the Garlic is a wonderful herb for your heart, in similar terms Dailygarlic is your everyday dose for fun and social sharing which will keep you happy and your heart smiling.


What you See is What you Get at Dailygarlic.com

Registration is simple; you have choice between a Facebook account and Email account registration. Once you are a registered user you can add a board and upload pictures or videos instantly. I know most of us like the idea to share the emotions we experience with our friends and like-minded people on earth to make new friends. So at Dailygarlic this is even made very easy. People with common interest become friend here; they upload, pin, share, like and follow the images/boards which they enjoy. Picture or video searches have been made damn easy with the introduction of topics or categories. Like in the morning you want to see some landscapes or Lawn/Gardens you can easily go to the relevant topic and see the huge collection of real and catchy pictures right there. Now in the evening you and your friends are making a plan to visit some beautiful places then topic “travel” would be a great idea to look for. And of course you like animals, art, women whatever you just name it and you can enjoy it here. 32 topics to choose from and this is just the beginning. You would love fast uploads and high resolution view of the pictures and videos you show your interests in.

Apart from sharing your personal funny pictures or videos, Dailygarlic can also help in your business. It can work as a promotional tool for you and can help in publicity for your new product. You can do market surveys by posting relevant pictures and comparing the likes marked by others seeing those images. Rewarding re-pinning etc. can again be a market stunt which is very cheap and effective way to attract potential customers. Now, when some of you who must be using Dailygarlic or will use Dailygarlic are students then just think about the images you can get for your upcoming projects. You can make this world a common classroom by sharing and exchanging pictorial resources and perform well in your projects with some real good real pictures. The global access makes it even more interesting and helpful.


What you Get at Dailygarlic.com

I won’t recommend you to register immediately but what I would suggest is to visit the site and see the difference yourself. Irrespective of professional or personal needs Socialisation is the primary need today and Dailygarlic offers you everything which any major social networking website can give to you. Besides many other benefits like being bigger and better than any of them, Dailygarlic is picture and video centric which reflects the real emotions of the real people. Go, get what you see and enjoy the real world!