5 Things Your Website Should Say About You


Your website says more about your business than you think. Visitors to your site make a split-second judgement about your entire company. They instinctively decide whether they feel at home here. They make a quick decision about whether they’ll do business with you. Quite simply, they subconsciously decide whether they trust you. It’s very tricky to shape a visitor’s first impressions of your site. After all, everyone has different opinions. However, you can take steps to make sure it projects a positive image. Here are five things your website should say about you:

  1. You’re friendly and caring

All websites should work to provide a friendly environment. Remember, you exist to help your users find what they’re looking for. A website is your personal connection to a customer or users. Use it to establish a friendly and caring relationship. This is especially important if you’re a medical website or anyone offering advice. Providing a friendly, human face is the first step to establishing trust. Use friendly copy and text to connect with your visitors. Empathise with them and speak to them on a human level.

  1. You are professional

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection can build a website. There are tons of free platforms that let you use a template to create a site. However, these sites all have one thing in common: they look unprofessional. We can spot an amateur website from a mile away, and we’ll treat it with caution. Paying a web designer for a professional, bespoke site is a small expense to pay. But, it will boost your professional appearance and perception.

  1. You are up to date

Following on from the last point, a professional website appears modern and up to date. The digital world moves fast. It doesn’t take long for your site to look outdated. It regularly needs updating with the latest techniques and technology. We instinctively don’t trust websites that look abandoned. One step to prevent this is by using content. Provide regular blogs and content updates for your readers. It will show your visitors that someone is looking after the business and keeping things up to date.

  1. You are organised

We tend to trust websites that are organised and structured. It gives the impression that the company behind it is detail-oriented. You can show this by simplifying your website. Make it easy to use and avoid any unnecessary components. Remove the clutter and strip it the essentials. It shows customers that you understand your product or service. A clean, organised website is a reflection of the company behind it.

  1. You’re helpful

Your website should provide answers. Remember, that’s what people are looking for! Your site should be helpful. Make it easy for visitors to contact you or find the answers they’re looking for. Point them in the right direction and help them out.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So, use your website wisely. It’s usually the first thing customers or visitors see. Make sure it’s saying the right thing about your business.