Top 7 Apps For Kids


Want to keep your kids engaged while you are shopping or working. Here are some of the best apps for kids:

  1. AniWorld Lite– This apps is for the age group 1-5. Kids can learn animal names and feed them too. This is a simple user-friendly app, your kids will love the animal petting feature. With this app your kids can learn a lot of animal names, their living conditions, food habits in a fun way. Just tap the app to choose an animal and the animal name, and its sound will be played. Kids can see the pictures of the animal, see it grow; know where it lives, what it feeds on etc.


  1. iStory Books– This app provides free story books with pictures, text and audio for the kids. This is a simple and entertaining kids app. This app has 11 free books and every 2 weeks, new books are added to this app. This app has parental control, so they can add or remove the books from the child’s library. Some of the popular books included in this app are Cinderella, snow white and the seven dwarfs, three little pigs, the blue fox, little red hen, little red riding hood etc. To access more premium books, you can sun up for monthly subscription.


  1. 0-10 numbers– This app is for babies and toddlers. It contains number flash cards that will teach your kids numbers, counting etc and keep them entertained. It is a good learning resource for your kids aged 2-4. It includes quiz and practice modes too.




  1. Kids Numbers and Math– This app takes your kid in to the world of numbers, it will entertain your kid while they learn the numbers 1-20 with various exercises. This is a wonderful app for preschoolers to learn numbers, basic math skills etc. The activities included in this app are learning numbers, choosing max/min number, addition, subtraction, finding a match etc. There are advanced exercises too and your kids will surely love this fulfilled educational app. Teach your preschoolers math in a fun and interesting way.



  1. Kids Doodle– This is wonderful drawing app, particularly designed for kids, with easy to use painting on photo or canvas. It provides many bright colors and 18 brushes. This app supports a movie mode, which you can play back to see your kid’s art like a film. It has an in-built gallery, where you can store your kid’s drawing pictures and procedures. You can share this app via twitter, facebook, Gmail etc.


  1. Steamy Window– Kids will love this app, as they can design pictures on windows covered with steam, so just give them your smart phone loaded with steamy window app and they will enjoy playing with it. To get more steam, just blow into the mike. The steam covers the entire screen and it can be wiped with fingers to make pictures.



  1. How to Make Paper Airplanes– This is a wonderful app for kids and parents too. It shows you kid to how to make paper airplanes. With this app your kids can create impressive paper planes that will theoretically fly like a dream. The instructions are simple and clear and with 3-d animation of the folding process to make it a fun experience to make paper airplanes.