The Best Battery Saving Android Apps for Non Stop Fun

battery save

The world of technology has come a long way- not a moment goes by where we’re not using a technological device- be it our phones, iPods or tablets. However, one thing technology is yet to bring us is extended battery life. As our dependency on smartphones increases for making calls, ordering food, paying bills, playing games and a host of other activities we conduct on our phones, the only disappointing feature is that the battery drains too quickly.

It can be quite a frustrating ordeal to see our battery drain from 95% to 63% in a matter of minutes or hours. Here are the best battery saving apps for Android smartphones that help you save every ounce of power for extended use:

Juice Defender

Juice Defender has had over 7 million downloads making it a favourite among Android users. It efficiently manages features of the phone which drain battery power like 3G and now 4G as well as Wi-Fi. You can easily use the preset modes which are a tap of a button away. The app brings a variety of customization modes helping you configure apps and manage them better accordingly with a very elegant user interface. Now keep power consumption in check by managing Wi-Fi, mobile data and the processor speed and disable features when the battery runs low. This is all the jazz your phone needs!

Green Power Battery Saver


This is a great app as it is completely automatic keeping your battery consumption in check. All you need to do is configure it once and it automatically keeps an eye on battery levels. It manages the Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth as well as features like screen brightness and GPS to extend battery life. It easily cleans up the system getting rid of junk that might be slowing down the processor. This is a quick and easy app ready for use that is compatible with all Androids be it Froyo or Lollipop. Get yourself a brand new smartphone using snapdeal coupons at a great price and be sure to download this app to extend battery life like never before.

DU Battery Saver

This is another great app that helps you optimize battery usage to give your phone extended battery life. Through the app you can get up to 50% battery life depending on the usage. The app comes with a few pre-set battery modes as well as one touch controls so that your battery use is under control. Now get full protection against apps that eat away at the battery, poor battery charging as well as settings that might be reducing battery life further. This is surely one of the best apps out there.

2 Battery

This is an amazing app helping millions of users to save battery power as it uses phone algorithms to calculate when the internet needs to turned on or off and better helps save battery.  You can easily see the battery usage in the status bar and the app is extremely easy to use. The app also has customizable settings to help you get maximum efficiency from your phone. Make sure your mobile works to its fullest and play games, make video calls, shop using amazon coupon codes and pretty much multitask without any more worries.

GO Battery Saver


This is a great power manager and tool helping you optimize battery usage. The app allows you to turn on battery saving mode as well as smart saving mode and comes with a great toggle control so you can play around to find the right balance to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery. It can also estimate how much battery you’d save by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other features to help you during days you forgot your charger.

Make sure to download these amazing apps that give your android smartphone’s battery a great boost and allowing you to efficiently manage power a lot better!