5 Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gaming Chair

Relax and have a game-session

Practically every kid these days has a natural affinity for video games. Whether it’s on a mobile device, a laptop, or a gaming console, video games have become one of the most common activities that young people enjoy doing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people develop health issues due to video gaming. A 2008 study reported that people aged 15-19 play computer games at least an hour for leisure. In reality, some of them can play even longer than 4 hours a day.

There are two major health problems that a hardcore player can have:

1. Poor vision or eye damage

The glare from the computer monitor can affect vision, especially when a person sits at a distance of less than 16 inches from the monitor. Another factor that increases this risk is the lack of proper lighting while using the computer.

2. Poor posture

A gamer may also experience back pains and some tightness on the thighs. Unknowingly, this may be caused by sitting on the floor for too long while gaming. This kind of sitting position may also develop into poor posture.

To restore normal blood circulation, do some little stretching after playing video games. Being in one position for hours may tighten your muscles.

Of course, the best way to prevent these two gamer-related health issues is to use a gaming chair.


gaming chair
Relax and have a game-session

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Factors To Consider in Buying a Gaming Chair

Choosing the right gaming chair requires more than being visually attracted to it, just because you think it perfectly fits your gaming set-up. One of the easiest ways to choose is by doing an online search for the best gaming chair.

Here are some of the things that you should consider when selecting the perfect gaming chair for you:


There is a wide range of gaming chairs that you can buy even online. Seeing that there are so many brands to choose from, it is best to carefully check out each one and find the one that is within your budget.

Even if you experience a disappointing Play Station game, sitting on an expensive but good quality gaming chair can already make your gaming much more enjoyable.


Not everyone has the same height, and so you need to choose a chair that works for you. It is also important to use a gaming chair that is not too high for your desk.

For this factor, your best option is a high-quality hydraulic gaming chair that allows the height to be adjusted according to your needs.


Support is the most critical factor that anyone should be conscious about. It is not enough to just pull any kind of chair for you to use. Having to play for long hours may cause straining, which will then lead to some pain because of the weight being put on the lower back.

Choose an ergonomically designed chair that can make you sit comfortably and relaxed.


Knowing how much gaming chairs cost, choose one that you can use for different purposes other than gaming.

Additional Features

Check if the gaming chair has features that can optimize your gaming experience.

As with any other human activity, spending too much time playing video games may affect our health. Therefore, aside from using a comfortable gaming chair, be mindful of the number of hours that you spend in gaming.