The Top 5 iPhone And Android Apps for Your Kids


To keep the children occupied is a big task and playing with them all the time is difficult and consumes a lot of time too. However, the task of keeping them entertained and educating them is not a tough job for parents or caretakers now, with the availability of numerous educational and fun apps on your smart phone. These days’ smart phones have apps literally for everything to simplify life and so are the apps for kids to too. Here are top 5 apps for your children to learn and enjoy at the same time
1. Kids Piano Lite– This is a wonderful app, which will keep your child occupied for a long time. This app is a kids piano, it teaches music to your kid and helps keep your child quiet. Most of the children love music and as the title speaks for itself, is a piano for your kids. They can learn to play piano and enjoy the sounds with this app. This app has funny sounds of dogs, kids and xylophone. The baby mode can be turned on if you do not like ads and the skin of the app too can be changed if you find the keys too small to push.


2. Kids Doodle– It is a drawing app particularly designed for kids with easy to use user interface. There are more than 10 brushes like neon, glow, crayon, oil brush etc and the endless bright colors. The size of the brush and color is randomly adjusted to keep the kids entertained all the time. This app supports a unique movie mode for playing the drawing steps like a movie. With this feature, the entire family can share the pleasure with each other when looking at the creation of the painting stroke by stroke.


3. Kids numbers and math life– Teaching math and numbers to your kid now can be simple and fun with the app kids numbers and math life. This app teaches your kids with basics of math through games and competitions. With this app, your child will start loving arithmetic and numbers in a fun and easy way. The activities included in this app are learning numbers, addition, and subtraction, choosing maximum and minimum number and advanced exercises. If you want to teach your kid math in a fun and good way then you must download this app.


4. Kid’s Match’em– This is a great app for improving the kid’s memory and thinking skills. This app is creative, colorful, has good animal sounds, and so is specially designed for children. This app is supports all display sizes and screen resolution, has smooth animations, high quality graphics and good sound effects. This app is fun for kids and adults too; it is a simple and addictive game play. This app can also be used at child support centers to teach orphan people. Single parents with any financial issues can contact the child support agency and seek help.


5. PicsArt for kids– This is a great app to teach your kids to color and draw. It makes drawing and painting an extremely fun and loving experience. This app has high quality content and is a combination of 3 apps that is coloring, drawing and learning, all in one.

These are the top 5 iPhone and Android apps for kids to learn and enjoy.