Must install Android Travel Apps


Travelling will be the most lovable thing as you explore new places to visit and have fun. However, for some people travelling can be a painful experience, as they have to go through the entire process of booking tickets, reserve hotels etc. However, you do not have to worry, as your Android smart phone will come to your rescue. There are many android apps available for all those who wish to travel and have a memorable experience.
1. Airbnb


With this app you can get most exceptional accommodations anywhere in the world. Users can experience the wonders of travel with this app. You can discover and book unique accommodations around the world with just your Android mobile phone. With Airbnb app, you can discover unique properties in more than 192 countries, if you are stuck without a place to stay on foreign land, with just one click you can search the nearby places where you can stay for the night. The Airbnb app also helps you reserve properties with your credit card from your phone itself, check user profiles, reviews and message prospective hosts and guests. You can track the guest check in and check outs, confirm your reservations requests while you are on the move.

  1. XE currency


This is a currency conversion app for android users. With this app, you can convert every world currency. This app offers users live currency rates, charts etc and even stores the last updated currency rates so that it works even when there is no internet connection. This is a easy to use currency current calculator that provides live proprietary rates that are refreshes every minute. Users can calculate prices with this currency converter monitor up to 10 currencies etc. Users can personalize the app settings by shaking the device to reset the rates, turn the currency symbols on or off, set the frequency of the rate updates. This app can be used online and offline too, prices can be converted without access to the internet too.

  1. Worldmate


This is one of the best travel apps of Android. This app automatically organizes your trips, provides you flight alerts and provides many other wonderful travel services. Users of this app can book hotels, rent cars, manage their itinerary etc. Users have to simply forward their confirmation emails to Worldmate app and it will automatically create the travel itinerary which contains full trip details like terminals, gates, phone numbers, addresses etc. This app will provide the users with full details of the hotels like price, amenities and map view and helps you make sure you have booked the best hotel for your stay. You can reserve a car at hundreds of airports all around the world, make quick hotel reservations, get currency exchange rates etc.

  1. Tripit


This travel app is mainly useful for businesspersons. Businesspersons are usually so busy with their schedules that they do not have time for making travel arrangements like hotel, booking, arranging meetings, flight reservations etc. With the Tripit app, you need not have to go through all these processes. You just have to forward all the information about hotels, airline, car rental, reservations etc and the Tripit app will do the rest. It will organize all the travel plans in one place so that they can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. You can even share your trip plans with your friends and family or your business colleagues.

  1. Wi-Fi Finder


This app is for both Android smart phone and tablets. This is a simple and great app for finding a Wi-Fi internet connection. It is the best app with the help of which you can find free or paid public Wi-Fi spots online or offline. With this app, you can scan for Wi-Fi spots, search for public Wi-Fi anywhere around the globe, and share the hot spot. This app works online and offline too.