5 Best PPC Strategies for Boosting Your Business


PPC or pay per click management is an important pillar for internet marketing plan to boost your business. It plays an important role in diverting traffic to your website. However, PPC yields results only when the right strategy is employed by the marketer, thus good PPC strategies are very important to boost your business. The following are 5 top PPC strategies to boost your business.

  1. Building good landing page– An ad campaign requires a commendable landing page. when the searcher’s intent and the landing page offer is matched it will lead to the success of a landing page. Based on your business it might be a service, product, registration form, newsletter etc. The keywords on which the advertiser bids has to match the business goal it will then form an ad copy basis which is used to present to the searcher. The ad must match the landing page, as this is the place at which the searcher can find the product, which they have been searching for.


  1. Insert dynamic keywords– When dynamic keywords are inserted then it leads to add relevance of the search query. It is a good strategy PPC strategy to improve your business. It is a piece of code inserted into the ad text to change the ad in response to queries for which the adv will display. When you use the dynamic keyword insertion strategy correctly, it will increase the CTR hugely and thus improve your business. For implementing DKI , just use this pattern in the advertisement copy : {Keyword: smart phones }. The query of the searcher will then infused in the advertisement. When you do so, advertisements will be more compatible to the search query. Therefore, your ads and the search intent will be aligned well.


  1. Target all the search engines– When you run PPC campaigns, you must not only concentrate on one search engine that is Google. Google definitely has a huge market share but you must consider other search engines too. Other search engines are Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, Yandex etc. Advertisers must appear on all the search engines. These search engines have less volume, but they have less competition too, so bids are cheaper and high ad positions can be acquired. Therefore, reaching audience can be easier.


  1. Your ad copy should be optimized- Optimizing your ad copy is a great way to improve your business through PPC Rotation of ads is allowed by all Yahoo, Bin, Google etc, so for every ad group place 3 ads on rotations with the same set of keywords. By doing so you will know which one is working best. Click through rate or CTR is the best indicator of the performances and Google search engine favors ads with high CTR.


  1. Bid high initially and then reduce– Usually bidders are do not bid high because they are worried they might blow their budget. Doing so, they will not get sufficient statistics for making future decisions concerning the campaigns. Also, setting low bids initially will lead to ads being placed lower and so they get a lower CTR, this will lead to smaller keyword score and thus the bidding cost on that keyword will increase. Therefore, it is best if bids are high initially and then reduced.