Using hobbies to build traffic to your website


It is surprising to know that niche sites are a great way of supplementing your freelance income, as long as you have a good idea on how to use your hobbies to build traffic to your site. Build a single site, which focuses on profitable hobby. Hobbies work well for niche sites for many reasons. Read more to know about it.

What can make the hobby sites work?


female chopping food ingredients
female chopping food ingredients

Hobbies are activities which are people are interested in to spend their hard earned money on, with little expectations in return except for entertainment. Unlike many other keywords in SEO content, hobbies attract people with the force to browse and buy products. This makes that sites which use hobbies to build traffic to the website. However, some people in SEO miss this point. With hobbies, you can sell good quality goods and services as an affiliate and help others in picking the best product for them.  You can even help new people to start an interesting side activity. Here are a few tips how to use hobbies to build traffic to your website:

  • The most prime factor in building traffic to your website is the domain name. the domain name should be easy to remember so that people register it in their minds and so that visitors return.
  • When you have a hobby site and intend to drive traffic to it, the website has to be informative and search engine optimized at the same time. Your site will get a lot of traffic only when you use proper keywords which relate to your hobby site, the webpage title, meta tags and finally unique content which is valuable to the people who are interested in your site.
  • The design of your hobby site has to ensure easy navigation apart from having features and content which will make the visitors come back for more.
  • There are many hobbies and sites which speak of them and you cannot mention about every hobby on your site. Try to exchange your links with other hobby sites and relevant websites. This way people who are attracted to other hobby websites will come visit yours too through the links.
  • Register your site on online directories so that your site traffic increases.


Rules of hobby website

  1. When people visit your site and read your posts, they often leave reviews, asking questions about your hobby, tips etc. When they leave reviews and questions, you must try to answer them as much and as fast as possible. This will keep the visitors interested and they will keep coming for more.


2. You must post a lot of photos on your hobby site, as hobbyists love pictures of what they like and enjoy. You can even set up a buy now button and sell your hobby stuff.


A typical hobby site will not function as a standard blog. Hobby sites have to be aggressive in pushing products, as hobbyists generally look for products to buy. Apart from this you can even provide valuable “how to” content to teach visitors about your hobby.