5 Sure fire ways of increasing your blog traffic


At times it gets very hard to get a commendable number of visitors to the articles on your blog and this can get very frustrating, especially when you are new to internet marketing and you seem to not understand what is going wrong. Do not fret, driving traffic to your blog is not an impossible task and you do not have to give your blogging hobby a rest. The following are 5 sure fire ways of increasing your blog traffic.


  1. Write good content regularly


The first and foremost thing a blogger should do to succeed in blogging is providing good content to the audience and that too on a regular basis. You must update your blog with useful content which is the first step to building blog audience. If the content you provide is good and you are doing this regularly, you will have regular visitors and the number of new visitors will increase too. Thus blog traffic will widely increase. The content you write must be engaging and this should create anticipation in the minds of your audience about your future posts for which they will keep visiting. Also frequent posting of content will increase your chances of your blog being noticed by top search engines.

  1. Your content must have the capacity to go viral


You know what viral content does to people, it spreads over the internet like wild fire and people will go crazy for it. Remember the ice bucket challenge, how it went viral, your content has to be similar to it, if not that popular at least to the extent that you get new audience all the time and not just the regular ones. Create viral content by writing great headlines, maintaining the content at right length so that your audience are not bored and you must have a killer idea which will surely go viral.

  1. Use links


Links are the most essential part of your blog. Links will be noticed by the search engines and they will also make other bloggers identify who is linking to their sites. Linking will help your fellow bloggers to notice you and they will be your blog’s new audience and will add links to your blog.

  1. Search engine optimization

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When you are writing content for your blog, make sure you search engine optimize your content. You must include the relevant keywords and links in your content, but you must not overdo it with too many keywords or irrelevant keywords as this will be black hat SEO and your rankings on search engines will go down and your blog will be removed from Google’s search totally.

  1. Guest posting


Guest blogging is one of the important and sure fire ways of increasing your blog traffic. Find the most popular blogs of your industry and request them if you can write a guest post for them. Most of the site owners will not have any problem with writing content for them for free. This is a great way for generating free traffic.