Link Building And Its facts


Link building is the process of creating back links to their own website. This can be done through reciprocal links, getting listed in newsletters, top search engines like Google, newsletters etc. Link Building is the best way how you can make your site popular online. It is the process of inbound link creation to one’s personal website. There are few types of these links, one of which are the reciprocal hyperlinks.


Reciprocal links or URL exchanges are the process where two website owners agree mutually to link to each other website. When number of sites that link to one site is increase after link building it leads to link popularity which helps in the search engine ranking of a site. A good link building service or program can empower your site with quality traffic. One of the complex things about SEO is creating back links. Link building plays an important role in high search engine rankings and good traffic to a website.


Link Building facts


The following are some facts of one way link building:

  • There is no necessity of exchanging links. Link exchanges can be frustrating and time consuming as you must find it hard to select the apt site for link exchanges with each other.

link exchange

  • If it is your wish to build your brand’s awareness on the web then you must use your business name in the keywords of your content resource box or when you comment on other blogs, sites, forums etc.


  • Web users enter keywords in the search engines to search for info. When you use your unique keyword in the text of your one way link otherwise called anchor text will increase your search engine rankings.


  • Your website’s rankings will increase when the number of links directed to your site will increase. The more links you receive from other sites, the higher will be your rankings.


  • Your site audience will increase when you get traffic from different website links. If you get one way links coming from a high traffic site some new audience will be directed to your site. If your articles get published on a popular internet site you will get a flood of audience. If it remains there for a long time then you will obtain an ongoing source of traffic.


  • As you start getting more and more back links, you will naturally attract more audience. With time your site will be referred to as “got to” site for info on your topics. If our site appears on the first page of the search engine results, people will find it naturally when they search on the targeted keywords or enterprise name.


  • People will keep returning to your site when you provide new info regularly which helps their business. Building lots of one way links will attract these to your site. If you want to keep them there, then you have to provide evergreen content. If it is high quality content then they will share it with other business people.