SEO – Extracting Pearls from the Ocean


Information flow over internet is magnificent today. Data in fact “Big data” is exchanged across the globe every second. With advancement in technology people are getting more and more aware and educated about this exchange. They use internet or rather online sharing facilities for both personal and professional needs. Companies use extensively this information flow for their business; advertising, product and service promotion, information sharing etc. is done extensively. Do you know there are an estimated 27 million pieces of online content shared each day?


SEO – Extracting pearls from the Ocean

Advertisement or online marketing is quite established and still evolving. Many companies participate as service providers of which Google is one premier name. There are background functions which are executed by such providers on the machines who clicks on specific links provided on information pages. Like “cookies” are added every time users click on an ad but the “cookie” that Google adds to a user’s computer when he or she views or clicks on an ad expires in 30 days. Everyone’s favourite Facebook also have a PPC advertising option. In 2010 -2011 74% of companies used Facebook’s PPC advertising option; this number dropped in 2012 to 56%.

There is a whole range of websites solely dedicated for promotional purposes and there are sites which do it partially. Web directories are used to get information about these sites. A web directory lists web sites by category and subcategory. It is not a search engine and therefore, doesn’t display lists of web pages based on keywords. Keywords are really important when searches are made. Keywords acts as tags which help in finding relevant information from this huge ocean called internet. This keyword thing, tags, relevant search results gave rise to optimization techniques and hence comes the need of Search engine optimizations. There are qualified people who work solely for these optimizations and according to a survey 92% of marketers say that content creation is either “somewhat” or “very” effective when it comes to SEO.

Well data or information available online is damn immense and when time and technical skills are lacking, it is the best idea to outsource this job of extracting relevant data!


SEO – Extracting pearls from the Ocean -