Getting Your Priorities Straight by Straightening Your Home


Everyone wants to have a home that is neat, organized, and free of clutter. But it is something that is hard to keep up with, especially if you have children. Even if you don’t, there are things that we collect over time that end up being placed in stacks and other random places, and before we know it our homes are no longer the places we want to be. Everything should have its place, and that’s the reason that every once in a while it is a good and therapeutic thing to go through your home and declutter it.


What are some ways I can make my home less cluttered?

The way that I prefer to declutter is by going one room at a time. I have four piles: a pile for things I want to keep in my home, a pile for things I know need to be thrown away, a pile of things that aren’t worth any money but are in good enough condition to be donated to a shelter or home of some kind, and a pile of things that could be resold for money. As you go through each room, only touch each item in the room once. After you’ve picked it up, decide which pile it needs to go in and move on. By the time you finish the room, you will have the trash all gone. You can take the donation piles one at a time each time you finish a room if there are a lot of items, or you can wait until your home is completely done and then take it all at once. You can do the same with the pile of items you want to keep and want to sell. As far as items that you want to keep, you can go through that pile immediately and at least take the items into the room where they belong. The items you have that you want to sell can all be collected and handled once you are finished decluttering your home.


Straightening Your Home

What do I do with all of the stuff I have to get rid of?

• Take it to the dumpster
◦ Let’s face it, when we clean out certain rooms in our home there is just more garbage than anything else. For things that are regular sized garbge, just bag them up and take them to your dumpster or trash receptacle. If they can be recycled, do that first and then put them in the garbage can.
• Find somewhere that you can dispose of large garbage
◦ Sometimes when you are cleaning your home you will find items that you have been collecting, such as furniture that needs repair. While you want to try to repair the items if you can, there are times when they are just beyond this point and need to be disposed of. Regular dumpsters and trash companies frown upon putting large items like this in the regular trash areas, so call your trash service provider to find out where you should dispose of these larger items.

• Donate it to a local homeless shelter
◦ If you have clothing items or other items that are still in good condition and could be used and appreciated by someone else, donate them to a local charity, such as a homeless shelter. The items may not be getting used by you if they are sitting in a corner somewhere, but there are people out there who are in need of these items.
• Sell it in a garage sale
◦ If you have enough things collected, you can have a garage or yard sale for your items. Keep in mind that this does require having the space to do it and requires you to sit out with your items whether they sell or not.
• Sell it online
◦ If you have items that you want to sell, but you don’t want to sell them in a garage sale, there are other methods to do it as well. You can sell items on websites like eBay, decluttr, Amazon, and Craigslist. You can look at the sites to determine what kind of things you can sell on there and how much money you could make for your items.
You will be shocked at how many things you find in your home that you didn’t even remember that you had. While you will want to keep some of these things, there are many items in your item that you just don’t need anymore. Take advantage of the opportunity to sell as much as you can on sites like decluttr so that you can at least get a small return on what you paid in the beginning.


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