10 Beautiful JQuery Websites for your Inspiration


JQuery: I love this word; it has some magic in it. I am a web developer and I love to explore new and interesting things over internet. I always try to compare Adobe Flash with JQuery, sometimes with Microsoft Silverlight too, and I always find JQuery superior than others. It is not only compact but has great extended support too. A tiny file merely sizes of some KBs can rollover your website completely. Cool effects, professional looking and fast accessible force me too use it. No wonder if in mean time JQuery takes over the most of the website effects.


I visited hundred of websites over internet to find out such websites which use JQuery in a beautiful and sophisticated manner and fall visitors into delusion of difference between Adobe Flash or JQuery. Here I am showcasing my 10 of the most favorite websites which implemented my magic word so pleasant manner. You can get huge inspiration from these, I hope so…



This website has the great combination of effect and response time. It has Great visibility and awesome effects. Most of the visitors think these effects can be developed in flash only, but this website is a perfect example of JQuery implementation.




2.Cafundo Studio

Great color combination, nice image alignment and some better JQuery make this site so adorable. Every designer wants these three combinations in designs. This website has won the website of the month award at The Css Awards.




3.Abhay Singh

Nice textual effects binding with JQuery is the most promising feature of this website. Every time you load this website, it changes its background with eye catching wallpapers. Good use of yellow color on hover. Nice website to be inspired.




4.Thomas Birke Urban Photography

It uses nice drag slider developed in JQuery to show images. And nice zoom effect to photograph is so good.




5.Ante Meridiem Design

Black, yellow and green color combination makes this website so attractive. Beautiful logo and cool hover effect on menu make it so inspirable website.





I must say nice effort from the designer to design this website. Cool effects of this website take me away to the old flash design effects. I was so shocked after saw this. I was wondering can this be happened in JQuery too.





Nice font selection, cool graphics and white color define this website. Of course JQuery is the life of this website. Nice Single page website, what else I can say for this.




8.Eric Johansson

Awesome sliding effect on home page, just slide the mouse and a man on scooter will move ahead to his destination. And nature background makes this so pleasant.




9.Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

This website presents different and attractive way to show articles nice slider to move articles by date. Simplicity is the most eye catching feature of this website.




10.Matt Zeilinger

Minimalism and simplicity defines this website so perfectly. Placement of text was done in such a manner to sparkle directly in the visitors eyes and mind as well.



I think it is enough for today. Will meet you soon with some interesting article for you. If you have any query or suggestion please leave your mark by commenting this article. Thank you.