Latest Technologies Changing Your Experience with Smart phones


Smart phone have become an indispensible part of our lives. And why not! With features which range from communication, entertainment, navigation to high-speed internet browsing; smart phones are no longer items of luxury, but they have become necessities. What make smart phones so special are the facts that every now and then, new and up graded versions are available. The wide variety of manufacturers gives the users the option to choose from a wide range of smart phones with different features.

Smart phones were introduced into the global market in the year 1995; though it was not until 2012 that these devices gained popularity in Singapore and other Asian countries. But when we draw a line of comparison between the Smart Phones which were available earlier and the ones which we use today, there are many differences. Thanks to the latest technological advancements that has brought such sea changes in the built and performance of these gadgets.

Wondering what are the latest technologies that are offering enhanced user experience in Singapore? Here are some of those high-end technologies for you to check out:

  • Hexa & Octa Core Processor: Earlier, smart phones were available with a Single Core processor, and then more cores were incorporated into the system which made the phones faster. This is what is known as Dual Core. Then came the age of quad-core processors, which used 4 cores and now, we have Smart Phones with hexa and octa core (six and eight respectively) processor.

With the introduction of these high end processors, smart phones are now nothing short of a mini Laptop providing users the best experience.

  • 1 GB to 4 GB RAM Power: RAM is one of the essential parts of a smart phone as it has to do a lot with the performance of the device. Earlier, smart phones used to come with a RAM of 256 MB to 520 MB processors, which made the device incredibly slow and playing high-definition videos or games on them was quite difficult in them. Later on,  the capacity of the RAM was increased to 1 GB and these days, smart phones are available with 4GB RAM.

This advanced technology has made the smart phones lightening fast and allow the users to do multi-tasking without any delay in the loading time.

  • 23 MP Front & Rear Camera: When smart phones were first introduced in the year 1995, they had no cameras. Later on in the year 2002, a rear camera was introduced with a very low resolution which was not sufficient enough to take clear pictures. Later on, with the advancement of technology, the resolutions of the smart phone cameras kept on increasing. Today, smart phones are available with a rear as well as a front camera with superior resolution of up to 23 megapixels.

Some of the smart phones available in the market are as good as a DSLR camera which gives the users the finest clicking experience like never before.

  • Expandable Internal Storage up to 32 GB: The storage capacity is a vital aspect of the smart phones but earlier the internal storage was not up to the requirement of the users. With the passage of time the storage capacity of the phones has improved considerably. Earlier, users had to contain with whatever inbuilt memory was available with the phone. These days, Lazada mobiles and smart phones are available with expandable memories where additional SD Cards of up to 32 GB can be installed for increasing the storage capacity.

This developed technology of expandable phone memory has practically converted the phones into laptops as users can store a lot of data, videos, songs and much more.

Other technologies changing user experience

Apart from these, there has been an array of different types of new technological improvements in the new-age smart phones in Singapore that can be purchased using the coupons from CouponDekho website. These are not merely used as a device for communication; but at the same time can be effectively used as a Play Station, a Navigating Device, a Digital Studio and what not!

There are more which awaits to be incorporated into the smart phones in Singapore in the years to come.