A Writer’s Context


A Perspective Outlook

Writing is a perplexed job yet interesting and fulfilling from a true writer’s point of view.  It involves a lot of things and includes many considerations such as the topic, the nature of the topic, the contents, the facts, the structures, and the consistencies of the path that you are trying to take on. It is not just a simple subject of learning the phonic sounds of the alphabet letters or recognizing the number symbols and words you learn in class. It is neither too complex like the calculus you were taught in college nor abstract like in your art class.

In-depth and Well-thought

It is in-depth and must be well-thought to give clarity to the topic. You must understand what you are writing to convey the message you are trying to say. You have to be well-versed and critical. So, your piece will be sensible and highly comprehensive. It must be informative and touch the aspects of reality.

Life of a Student

It is during your college or university life that you will truly experience the essence of writing as your college professors or university doctors would ask you to write an essay about anything that they could think of, to know if you have learned from their lessons. I could still remember the days that I have to write my essay within a day. It was extremely hard, as it’s not the only subject that I have to consider when I was in college or university.

How to Juggle Time

You have to consider your other subjects’ projects and assignments. It is like you are chasing the time when you have to do so many things with minimal resources and limited turn around time. It is way far too complicated for an engineering student to do these things. You have project designs and circuits to design, construct, and make to run. How can I write my essay with all these constraints?

What to Write


How can you write your essay when you don’t know exactly what to write or how to write it? This is just among the many things you would ask yourself when you are given such tremendous workloads in a short period of time. It was utterly difficult as I don’t have anyone to ask help from. Before, there was less help that you could find online.

Where to Find Help

It is hard to get help when everyone is out of reach. Your friends and classmates are also busy with their own projects and assignments while others do not also know how to help you. The people you know who can help you have also lists of things to do and a deadline to complete.

You are just left alone. You only have you and your resourcefulness that can help you. It was a roller coaster ride as you don’t know how to start, what to do or how an essay even looks like.

Essay Writing Construction

I have no other choice but to write my essay without anybody’s help. It is a tough job to write something you don’t know anything about. It is undeniably hard to create words to construct your sentences. There are some ideas in your mind that is quite hard to explain, especially if you are preoccupied with other projects and assignments.

Essay writing construction must consider a lot of things. You have to know where you are going. What point of view would you like to express? What are the issues or concerns you would like to tackle? These are just some of the things that you have to consider.

The Online Help

Fortunately, the advancement of technology has brought the world closer. This allows help to be easily accessible online. Help is no longer hard to find. There are already various professionals extending help through the network, and it is amazing because you really don’t need to be in the same place just to help.

If only this help was available during the time that I have to write my essay, then I could have done it easily and in a swift. Students now don’t have to worry or get stressed out with their studies as help is just within reach.

Final Note

This kind of experience and their flair for writing has led many writers to their advocacy to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than being able to share your knowledge and experience with everyone who needs it. You are not only helping, but you are also earning. In this way, you are fulfilling someone else’s dream by helping them through in achieving their goals in the process.