The Risks of Using a Computer Without Antivirus Software


As long as you use your computer to connect to the internet, the necessity of the best antivirus software is justified. You are prone to a virus attack even if you do not connect to the internet, as long as you use any device to physically connect to it. Viruses exist in several ways and any of them can easily make their way into your system and harm it.


The risks of a system that doesn’t have antivirus installed

When you connect your computer to the internet, there is a great chance for it to come across several viruses. There are many potentially infected websites that you may knowingly or unknowingly access. In these cases, the virus can easily make its way into your system. The other ways of having a virus attack are when you download an infected file from an non-trusted source. This can be through an email or a website.


use of antivirus

If you thought that you are safe if you do not connect to the internet, you are wrong. If you use a USB or similar device to manually connect your system to it, and the said device is infected with a virus, you are putting your computer at risk of taking the virus. Hence there are several ways in which you can find your system affected by an antivirus.
The severity with which the virus would affect your system would greatly depend on the type of virus it is. Some of them are less annoying, and may perform tasks like creating new folders in your drives. The more risky ones are those that corrupt your files, delete data or even corrupt the operating system, and require extensive repair to fix completely. Viruses can also slow down your system and cause other programs to run in the background reducing the inefficiency of your system.
A major risk of downloading malicious software is the hijacking of personal and financial information. Such software can easily study your operation on the computer and send out this information over the internet. It may prompt you to provide your information, and in such cases can lead to access of your financial accounts and illegal use of it for the benefit of the developer.


Antivirus Systems

Safe and sound with an antivirus software

By using updated and the best anti-virus software, you greatly protect your system from virus and phishing attacks. Antivirus vendors regularly update their software to counter the latest types of threats that a computer is prone to. This can help you with keeping your system safe from newer malicious software, which may not be protected by an older antivirus version.
The three types of antivirus protection is using firewalls, antivirus software or using anti-spyware. When your system has all these three protection mechanisms available, it is less prone to damage from viruses. The benefit of using these is that in the long run, it keeps your system efficient and operational. Also, they run in the background and alert you of possible virus attacks or dangerous and non-trusted connections that you should stay away from.


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