When I Download Free MP3s, am I Committing a Crime?


It is important to find out about copyright issues before you go ahead to download anything on the Internet. You will find many sites where you can download movies, albums, and songs on the Internet. It is your duty to check if this act is legal or illegal. There is a way you can be tracked for making any illegal download of music, hence the need for finding out if the site where you are carrying out such a task is legally permitted to do this or not. Certain companies that provided these services in the past got into legal troubles because they want about it in a wrong way. If the company does not seek legal permission to offer free downloads, you are in trouble.


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Do Not Forget that 99% of All Music is Copyrighted

Therefore, when you decide to download free MP3s, you need to ascertain whether you are committing a crime or not. Close to 99 percent of all music is copyrighted. This means that you cannot download it without the express permission of the concerned parties. You must seek permission from the copyright holder before you decide to download his/her music. Fortunately, this is where the input of some companies comes in handy. Many companies run websites where lovers of music can download free MP3 songs. They do this because they often seek permission from the copyright holder first, before offering such services to the public.
Secondly, you also have to find out if you are eligible to use the site that you intend to use to download free songs. You may be ineligible because of your age. You may be ineligible because of your country or location. It is imperative that you start by finding out whether you qualify or not for downloading the MP3s first. In some sites, you must be 13 years and above to access such services. You should also go through the terms of downloading or using the site, and learn what your rights as a user are, so that you do not break any law. In certain instances, you are only allowed to enjoy non-exclusive, and non-transferable yet limited rights of access.


Look at What The Site Says about Intellectual Property

Find out whether the site that purports to be offering you free MP3 services has the intellectual property rights before you proceed to download for your listening pleasure. The company should say forthright whether it has been licensed the rights to offer such services. If the company owns the rights to intellectual property of the musician whose music it avails for free downloads, it must state that this is indeed the case. For the most part, musicians should be the ones seeking out such websites, and offering their music for the public to download freely. Read all the details and clauses you find on the site, as these could save you from legal troubles.


When I Download Free MP3s Am I Committing a Crime

In conclusion, with Free MP3s services, you have the chance of listening to music of your choice. However, know that you can land in trouble if you do not adhere to the standards and laws that are put in place for the same. You have limited rights, which you must use in the correct and legal manner if you are to avoid legal ramifications of your actions.


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