6 ways students can earn money online in a simple manner


What students do most of the time is wasting it on online gaming, social media such as Facebook, chatting etc. They waste the precious free time they have and after an year or so when they are into college they realize they have wasted a lot of time which they could have used for earning money to pay for the tuition fee.

If we calculate the amount of time we spend on social media it would amount to at least 1200 hours in a year and after spending all of these hours what we get at finally is, we remain empty handed before and after.

So students must spend their free time much wisely and one of the best ways of doing it is earning money online which is very easy and productive. The following are some of the ways students can earn money online simply:


  1. Creating videos


The first things that springs to the mind when spoken about video broadcasting online is “YouTube”. It is the best and most used online video streaming website which ranks one among the top 10 websites. So students can make money online from YouTube. They can make video blogging, create video tutorials etc and earn money. They can earn money when a visitor clicks on the ads and for video views. But for earning money on YouTube, one has to partner with YouTube, and the student must be from a country where there is a partnership program.


  1. Data Entry


This is another popular way of money earning online which is vastly followed by people who want to earn money online. All the student has to do is just type the texts, edit the mistakes, correct article format and few similar things. But sometime it can be boring and the pay can be less. So the students have to choose the data entry jobs wisely which pay sufficiently for the hard work they put in.

  1. Blogging


This is the easiest way of earning money online for a student. You can create a blog on any niches which you are comfortable with, for example WordPress, affiliate marketing, designing, cooking etc. However this is not an instant money earner as the blogger must wait for at least 3 months to gain audience. So students should not be discouraged during this period and stop blogging.  At least one post per day has to appear on the blog so that audience read the fresh blog content. If you can posting multiple posts, it will grab more attention from the audience.


  1. Question and answers


As a student you must have a lot of knowledge, so if you are good at any subject such as math, physics, English, biology etc, then you can help others and earn money in the process. There are websites where people questions and you can answer them and get paid. All you have to do is give the answer of the question correctly and provide one good reason. There are lot of websites which offer question and answer, they will hire you for answering their question. So if you have good knowledge, you must definitely try it because it can be fun and you get paid.

  1. Gaming


What better way can there be than playing, having fun and earning money for having fun online? You can earn money playing games online. There are a lot of game developing companies which pay the gamers for testing their games by playing them for hours. After you play the game, you must share the experience with the site owners such as what you liked in than game, what you did not like, what features you think when added to the game, would make it better etc. It is just a marketing strategy for the gaming site owners, to learn what the problem in the games is before making the game public. They do this because; they just spend a few thousand dollars for game testing and save a million dollar game from the glitches before releasing it to the public. So it is beneficial for the gamers and the owners.


  1. Affiliate marketing


This is one of the simplest ways of earning money online. You can promote a certain product or service to customers. You just have to recommend a product to others which you have bought. When you buy a product, the company will pay you some percentage of the purchase, which is called commission. This chain is the one which grows constantly, if you continue referring others. Some of the best sites for affiliate marketing are Amazon, eBay etc.