We are thankful for Mobile Marketing, Are you?


We are thankful for Mobile Marketing. Are you?

Mobile marketing is all about the algorithms that keep potential users glued to their devices, until they purchase the product! It is also about making forgotten users come back to the app and make a ‘valuable contribution’. Mobile marketing is not only competent in attracting, engaging and retaining consumers; it is also capable of driving an online impression into an in-store sale.

An average individual spends 2 hours on mobile devices everyday of which more than 48% are avid buyers. 76% of users feel they are more affected by an SMS than an email, because eventually a shorter, crisper, more accurate message is more likely to drive them to take an action. Also, 90% of the searches on the mobile lead to purchases.

As per Forbes – more than 58% of the world’s population own mobile phones and there are 5 times more cell phones in the world than PCs. While 74% of the people use of mobile devices to extract information related to their purchases, 79% actually buy the product based on the research. And therefore, we are thankful for the initiation of Mobile Marketing!

As manufacturers, retailers, and e-com portal owners it is your responsibility to learn and earn using the trends and the numbers that mobile marketing confirms. It is very essential to tap the 16% of smartphone users who make a purchase based on a marketing message they received on their phones. It is important to develop strategies to plan and place the right ad at the right time. To get into SMS marketing, you’ll need a bulk sms gateway to start sending your messages easily.

What is it that you need to consider when taking your brand on the move? Here’s a checklist to help you make a better decision –

  1. Do you need to invest in a native app, or will a mobile optimized website do your job?
  2. Do you know enough about your customer’s preferences?
  3. Do you know how the competitor operates, and how to beat them in the mobile world?
  4. Do you know the costs involved in taking your brand to mobile devices?
  5. Does your brand have a social presence?
  6. Do you know the advantages of using iBeacons or geo-fencing?
  7. Do you have the data to show that you need to go mobile?

To know all of it, do you need to train yourself on Mobile Marketing?

Well, yes! Simply put, this is but a new concept, and the trends ebb and flow very frequently. While the benefits of a well thought of strategy could be ridiculously enormous, an incorrect, impulsive move can have an adverse effect on your brand value. A comprehensive course on mobile marketing is meant not just for sellers, it is also designed for developers and job seekers to learn about the symbiotic existence of mobile devices with all the other channels. The course would also teach about the various types of marketing and which one can affect your brand appropriately.

To conclude, when you know users spent 40% of their internet time on mobile devices, think about why and how you could use that to sell your product!