10 crazy ways of making money online


In the present economy, it is quite tough to make money anyway, bust there are still ways you can fish online for the extra buck, and these are some crazy ways. The following are some crazy insane ways to making money online.

Cash your hair

Woman cutting her ponytail

Did you know you can sell your tresses and make a decent amount from them. Yes, you heard it right, you can sell your overflowing strands off your head. There are plant of sites which specialize in online hair sales. These hairs are used for hair extensions, dolls, wigs etc. On an average a bundle of hair brings in around $500 while really great gorgeous tresses sell for thousands.

Virtual Farming


You can have fun gaming and make money from your favorite pastime. Around half a million people in China make money by gaming. One such game is World of Warcraft, which is a multi-player online role playing game, which is one of the most creative ways of earning money online. Its currency is gold, but many players, do not take the time to earn it themselves. So people in China, and the other parts of the world, spend their days playing this game, make gold and sell it in the game for real cash.

Friend for money


You cannot buy love with money but can sure earn money being a friend. Many websites allows individuals to create a free friendship profile, where they can charge up to $50 for an hour to be rented for social activities and events, such as, sporting events, movies, weddings, hiking, going out for dinners etc. You can be your own boss, set your hours and price, and you get to keep the profits.

Rent your dog

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You can make money renting your beloved pet. There are online sites where you can rent your property, which includes pets. Well thought it is not totally clear what is in it for the renter, but you get money renting your dog and in turn your pet can get some extra play time, especially if you do not have time to spend with it if you are busy.

Renting stuff


Do not worry if you do not have a dog to rent to make money, you might be still having some other stuff at home such as car, power tools, your parking space to make money. Rent whatever you have on sites such as Loanables.

Join a virtual jury


Make money judging. No, you do not have to study law or go to a court for it. Make money at a virtual court being a virtual jury. There are plenty of sites which offer cash if you help lawyers simulate a trial. All can be done at the comforts of your home. Sites such as eJury assemble regions specific pools of people for reviewing cases, ranging from a couple of pages to more than a dozen, and then provide their opinions on some questions. This provides lawyers an insight into how different members of a real jury will respond to the arguments when the case is in the court. This helps the lawyers prep for the trial and present a better case to the jury in the court. The payment varies depending on the case and on an average you can earn between $5-$10 for one case.


Trade empty ink cartridges

turnthis2-600x300 (1)

These days everybody has a printer at home and it is obvious you would have empty ink cartridges, but do not be foolish to throw them away, because you can make some good buck from this trash. There are sites which will pay you around 4 pounds for an empty cartridge. If you want to really make some money then take all those waste cartridges from your office or from friends and family, which they are going to throw anyway.


Helps kids with their school work

Online Colleges
Online Colleges

Help a high school student with his math or science online and it is an easy and a different way of earning plenty of money using your skills. Some sites create virtual classrooms where you can sign up to be tutor to tutor students. You do not have to be a pro, just some knowledge and skills in the subject. If you are a student and are in need for some cash to pay your tuition fee or for something else, work in your spare time as a tutor online. You do not have to commute to some distant place to work part time, just sit down in front of your computer and you have a money earning job. You can tutor students from elementary school level to high school or even college students. Subjects include math, social studies, English, science etc.



Are you a voracious texter? If you are then use it to make money. With the increasing use of smart phones and apps, there are businesses coming up with paying money for text messages. One company which has taken it to a new level is ChaCha. It lets you text in any question and you will get an answer back in minutes. You can even receive all sorts of questions in turn and you can type the answers to make money yourself. Sign in to the site and answer questions anytime you like. You can be paid between 10-20 cents per question you answer. Though this is a small amount, if you are quick at it, it is a good way to earn some extra bills.

Make fun of films and get paid

Earn money by watching movies

If you have to pay to watch a movie, then you can get paid to make fun of it. Make MP3 files of yourself making fun of movies then post it on a site called RiffTrax to make money. You can set your own rate and get paid if somebody wants to buy it.


Sell your holiday pictures for money


You can cash out your holiday. Sell your photos you clicked during your vacation to make some money. Some sites are always in search of new images to buy. So cash this chance. You need not be a professional photographer for this. If you have digital photograph with a  good resolution, then sell these pics to online sites such as 123rf and Fotolia.