Why Indian traders choose to trade binomo.com?


Since the inception of the Internet, there have been many online trading platforms waiting to be explored. Binomo is one of the best trading platforms that you can find in India. It offers lots of opportunities that you can enjoy consistently. Not many online platforms are reliable and trustworthy like Binomo. Here is a honest Binomo review for interested traders in India so that you can tell if Binomo is real or fake.

What is Binomo trading?

The Dolphin Corp Company started Binomo as an online trading platform in 2014. Their head office is located in Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. Nonetheless, all their services are accessible via the Binomo website (https://binomo.com/) and its mobile app.

Binomo is an online international trading platform that focuses on providing one of the most reliable online trading services to its clients. The company has gotten many traders from different parts of the world, and several of them are present in India. You have to sign up, comprehend, practice before you begin trading on Binomo via either the website or mobile app.

Binomo, as an organization, is legally registered and is regulated by the International Financial Commission. The company obeys the commission’s laid down rules and maintains accountability to the commission. With its years of extraordinary reputation, Binomo holds its clients in high regard always. When you trade deals on Binomo, you get to experience a high level of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Sign up and Binomo login

You have to sign up on the platform before you can start trading on Binomo. The signing up process can be done on their site https://binomo.com/ or mobile app. 

  1. Go to the Binomo homepage; and at the top right corner, there is a Login button to click to register.
  2. You need to submit your details on the Signup page. Ensure that they are correct and read the Terms and Conditions for the Client Agreement before accepting it.
  3. When you are through with that, you will see a button that says, “Create an account”, click the button, and that will complete your registration. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to validate your account and email address. You must carry out this step. 

After you’ve completed all that, you can start trading on Binomo. By the way, the trading platform is available in Hindi!

Account types

There are different types of trading accounts on Binomo. You can use any of them except for some of them that have some requirements before you can access them (like Gold or VIP). 

The Demo account is the easiest one to access as it’s free to use. Take advantage of the Demo account to learn and practice how to trade like an expert.

Other account types on Binomo include Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts. You can read more about the benefits of each account type via this link: https://binomo.com/information/pricing.

How to use Binomo for extra income?

Trading becomes interesting when you start getting extra income through it. The big question then is how can you use Binomo to these? First of all, you need to understand how it works. Don’t try trading without acquiring sound knowledge about how Binomo works.

When you want to start trading, confirm the account type selected that that’s what you want. Whenever you are about to trade, you can switch to the real account at the top right corner of the Binomo homepage, just above the chart.

Pick your preferred asset, for example USD/EUR. Set the amount and time for your trade from 1 to 60 minutes. But you need to carry out an adequate analysis of the price movement on the trading chart to get your forecast. If you believe that the price will rise from your analysis, click the green button. But if you consider that it will go down, click the red button.

After that, wait patiently for the trade to be completed and then check if your forecast is correct. If it’s accurate, a trade amount will be deposited in your account immediately.Don’t worry if you don’t have enough trading experience yet. You start getting familiar and will get better at it with time.

Binomo Tutorial

Education is important for trading, thus Binomo has made provisions of free tutorials on its website. It has sections Tournaments, Strategies, Help Center, and also a demo account for practice. Maximize these resources to improve your analytical skills and forecasting.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit is $5 or it’s equivalent in your currency (~350 INR). You can only withdraw to the bank account used to deposit into your Binomo account. There are different means of withdrawal available on the platform (bank card, e-wallet). However, you should check for the system allowed in India, both for deposit and withdrawal.

The minimum you can withdraw is $10, or its equivalent local currency, but the limit is $ 3,000 per day.

Download app

Binomo has a mobile trading app that offers easier accessibility for trading than the site. Download the Binomo trading app on your device, either an Android or iOS smartphone. Go to your mobile app store and search for the Binomo app. 

Alternatively, you can start enjoying smooth in-app trading by downloading the apk Binomo (Android only): https://binomo.com/en/promo/android.


Sifat Khan

“I started trading on Binomo last month, and I’ve learned a lot to help me trade better. It wasn’t a question of whether real or fake for me but rather how smooth the trade deal. I still put in the time to learn this platform very well to make correct forecasts and improve your skills.”

Rahul Sharan

“I have tried out so many online opportunities, especially financial trading. There is scarcely any online trading platform available in India that I haven’t tried. I know the absolute difference between these platforms, and I can confidently tell you that Binomo stands out amidst them. I love all the facts you provided here. It testifies to how real Binomo is. I’m glad I found out about it early enough.”

Ramit Nicholson

“Wow! I never knew Binomo for just six years and yet it has achieved so many feats and proven to be outstanding.”

Is Binomo a fraud?

There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Binomo. The International Financial Commission regulates Binomo, and the company is recognized as a category “A” member. If you have any complaints about their services, Binomo support is always available to attend to you immediately.

Another thing about Binomo is that it is being audited by Verify My Trade (VMT), a specialized service that certifies the quality of its trade execution. After the whole auditing process, Binomo was awarded a Certificate of quality of trades. It is proof that Binomo delivers high-quality trade services always.


Trading on Binomo becomes interesting when you get it right by learning and trading like an expert. You begin to enjoy benefits like profitability up to 90% on the platform when you give an accurate forecast.

But you should know that there are risks involved with trading like this. If you give a wrong forecast from your trading chart analysis, you put yourself at risk of losing out of your funds. Put this in mind as you start your trading experience on Binomo.