Enterprise Virtual Events in 2021


Enterprise events are not new. However, they have taken a different shape, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the decades, they have provided businesses with the resources, especially in the form of information, they need to improve their processes and networks to take the companies to the next level.

Digital technologies have transformed virtual events, as they are not happening online, where attendees can conveniently participate in their offices’ comfort. This makes a virtual events platform one of the most valuable tools for most businesses.

Speaking of virtual events, here are some worth looking out for.

1. IMPACT 2021

This virtual event is scheduled for January 19th, 2021, and has been taking place for the past four decades. The event is designed to provide education and peer-to-peer exchange on enterprise infrastructure and IT. It is a valuable event, especially at a time when businesses continue to integrate IT in their operations.

IMPACT equips attendees with all the knowledge they need on transforming their businesses through machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, and IT infrastructure, to mention a few. 

This is an event worth attending if you are looking to make transformations in your business or looking to get inspired to do so.

2. National ESEA Conference

The virtual enterprise event is set to take place on 8th February 2021. The year’s theme will be ‘Educating for Tomorrow,’ and the event will, as a result, be graced by top leaders in the education sector. 

The event will provide an arena for educators, institutions, and other players in this industry to showcase products that will transform education. Attendees should expect both large scale lecture sessions and smaller sessions designed as workshops. Through interactions and discussions, you will discover education tools that will take learning to the next level. 

Something that might pique your interest in the event is that there will be six keynote sessions that you wouldn’t want to miss. 


The SAP CONCUR FUSION VIRTUAL SUMMIT will take place on 16th March 2021. The event is specially organized for SAP potential customers and existing customers and experts worldwide to discuss how to use the solution to bring efficiency in their processes. 

In the event, expect to get insights from thought industry leaders and training, all of which will be instrumental in running your business. 

There will be keynote speakers in attendance, training, networking, and inspiration to take your business to the next level with the SAP Concur solution.

4. Festival of Marketing

As the name suggests, this is an event set to happen on 23rd March 2021 to target marketers across the globe. The event will be graced by interactions that will help the marketers shape the future of marketing by making better decisions, innovating, and employing effective techniques for measuring their success. 

The above events will be worth your while if you are looking to transform your business. Mark the above among many other virtual events on your calendar. Do not miss out on anything.