5 ways to increase your company’s productivity


In the present economic landscape, it is very important than before that companies have more productive and happy employees. Only when a company’s employees are loyal and dedicated to the company, the company’s profits soar high. On the other hand if the employees are not dedicated and unmotivated, the company suffers loss terribly. Research shows that loyal and happy employees do not bunk work, do better, they are more supportive of the changes and cooperate with the company to increase its profits. But, keeping your staff happy in an economy is a tough job. This is because happiness is mainly an inside job.

If the employees have to work in a stress filled work environment with office politics, then production turns out bad. If the workplace has a good environment then they feel accomplished. They will feel important and have a job satisfaction. These positive feelings will increase productivity.

The following are 5 ways how you can keep your employees happy and productive:

  1. Be a good boss


A good employer has to put down clear cut expectations to employees, which includes what should be done, when it must be done and what happens after their responsibilities are fulfilled. With these expectations laid down on the employee, you need to lay boundaries, show healthy leadership qualities and give the right directions. You have to set the right rules, policies, terms and procedures. This can be accomplished by creating an employer manual. Also use as the employer, you have to talk to employees in a face to face session or in group sitting. You have to ensure that your set of expectations for your employee, are consistent with them. You must include things like break time, lunch hours, clocking in early etc. Tell your employees that if they come early to the office, they can leave early. When you address the issues and expectations aptly, you will have fewer problems to face, thus increasing your employees’ productivity.

  1. Work options must be flexible


The 9 to 5 working culture is nearly coming to an end. Employees are expected to work their assigned 40 hours and complete the project within their deadline, but they will not be fixed to their work chair. Now-a-days office work can be done from anywhere, through mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks. This has changed working on a job altogether. Now businesses are offering their employees flexible work options which include telecommuting to compressed work weeks and taking extended leave time. All of this makes the employee happy and naturally their productivity will increase.


  1. Value your employees


This is one of the most important things the employer has to keep in mind. You must encourage your employees and praise them at the right time. You have to congratulate them and say “thanks you” for doing a great job and convey that he/she is an asset to the company. If anything goes wrong then do not punish them for their mistake. Instead you must communicate with the employee, show him/her the right procedure and encourage the person to do it right. Punishing only makes matters worse and you might lose a really good employee. You must not scold especially right in front of the rest of your staff. If the person is continuing the errors even after many corrections, then you have to evaluate the person to ensure that he/she is the right person for the task. Employers have a great chance of making a difference in the life of a person. Be friendly with your employees, ask them once in a while how they are doing. If you find someone is feeling low try to find the reason and if possible help the person out of it. When you care about your employees they will in turn care about your company and be more productive.


  1. Communicate openly


The different between a regular manager and an effective inspiring one, is your communication with the employees. When you lack transparency from the high level to the entry level of employees, it will really affect your company. Sometimes an open channel communication makes an employee more happy and productive than when you offer a higher salary and other benefits. Effective communication should not be just from the team managers, it has to be throughout the management line, right from the CEO to middle managers to freshly hired employees. Communication is the core to managing employees in a company.


  1. Recognition


When an employer recognizes the jobs well done in the company, employees will be self motivated and they take the ownership of the tasks and do their job to the best of the ability. Remember recognition is not a tool to incentivize success, but for establishing excellent standards in the company.