7 simple online money making ideas for everybody


Every person wants to make some extra bucks online which is the most convenient thing these days. Some online entrepreneurs have nailed it by making hundreds of thousands of bucks via their businesses online.

Though sometimes we might have come across some bad stories of people not being able to make it or is only possible after investing something. But, in fact making money online is quite simple for example  like selling photos online and without investing a cent of your money and everybody from teens to retired people can get some extra cash in their hand every month.

The following are 7 simple money making methods for everybody.

  1. Freelancing


The first thing which comes to mind when you think of making money online through online jobs is freelancing. This is the option to work in any field you want, at anytime and anywhere. You can work independently as a freelancer and sell your works online or you can co-ordinate with a firm and work for a contract. Some popular online sites where you can work as a freelancer and make some good amount of money are oDesk, iWriter, Elance, Freelancer etc. Here you will find plenty of freelancing jobs ranging from technology to healthcare.

  1. Blogging


Another good method of making money online is starting free blogging. You can set up a free blog which needs no investment and in no time. It is the simplest thing to do. The 2 popular platforms for blogging are WordPress, BlogSpot and Tumblr. You just have to visit these sites, register on them for free and choose a domain name for your site, which can be hosted on the blogging platform for free. So this way you can start making money through your online business, as your website can act as business centre virtually. This works well in making money for those who are good at writing and content generation. Bloggers can offer advertisements, guest posting etc in their blog and charge for the services.

  1. Affiliate marketing


This is an excellent way of making money online from the comforts of your home and the great thing about it is you can earn the amount you want based on the effort and time you invest. All you need to do is basically posting ads on the web for other people’s businesses. You do not have to have your own business for affiliate marketing, no need for a website , invest money, pay anyone etc. The company which you are affiliate marketing for will take care of everything for you and all that you have to do on your part is bring them the sales they need and you can earn 75% of each sale you generate.


  1. Publishing kindle books


If you are passionate about writing then there is another way of earning money online other than freelancing and blogging and this method is publishing your own eBooks on Kindle. You can write daily journals, books on technology, health, home, lifestyle, whatever niche you like and you can sell them as Kindle Books on Amazon. You will earn up to 70% of the royalties on your book.  This can be a great method of earning money online if you write on your passionate niche.


  1. Surveys


The trend of money earning online started with survey sites. You can make money online through these sites which is one of the oldest ways of money earning online. Unfortunately with the scams involved online regarding surveys many people do not incline towards these for making money online. Stay away from the scam survey sites which ask you for an investment to get started and claim to pay the customers a good amount per survey. But let that not disturb you. It is possible to make money online from the survey site and some sites offer coupons instead of money which you can redeem online on sites such as Amazon or you can even donate the money to a charity.

  1. Online tutoring


There are plenty of people who want to learn online, from languages to tech skills. You can start a service on your own or you can rely on sites such as Tutor.com. However, this method of making money online is a bit different from other methods as you need to spend fixed time with the client and do not have flexible working hours. For this method you need skills. So you have to first understand your skills and talents and with a careful analysis of the avenues will help in making a good amount online.

  1. Ad posting/ copy paste jobs


This is an easy way of making money online. You just have to post ads into free classifieds, comment in forums, post job ads etc. It is very simple to do. Copy pasting job is also easy, the text is written already for you, you just have to copy and paste them on the assigned places which can be blogs, classifieds etc. This works well for those who have very little to no experience, but like entering data.