6 top tips you must know to pose for pictures


Have you always complained that you look ugly in photographs and don’t know how to pose? Here are a few tips that will help you look great in pictures and make the camera fall in love with you.

Work your face!

Facial expressions are an important element in any photo, it doesn’t matter if you laugh or smile. Always remember to keep your tongue at the back of your teeth and tilt your head slightly so that you look above the lens. Try to take some candid shots as they are more appealing than the conventional ‘say cheese’ ones, which can look like a forced smile.

Always prepare beforehand

Carefully observe your pictures and try to figure out which are your best and worst photographs and identify the difference. Check out some pictures of your favorite celebrities and try and understand their poses and try and find their secret. Some of the common problems in photos could be closed or blurred eyes, wrong angle, lighting, fake smile etc. These things can be easily be rectified, so pay attention to these minor important details.

Turn on those lights!

Taking photos with a direct flash or sunlight is a big no no! This is quite unappealing and will create some bleak shadows. You can either move into the shade or ensure that the flash is bouncing off a wall. This soft light will smooth away the wrinkles.

Practice in front of a mirror

This is the best way to discover your strong side and to get to know which your best poses are. You can work on your smile and your face in order to look fabulous whenever you take a photo. But if in case you are still not convinced enough about your face in photos, then the face photo editor will always be there to your rescue!

Use your clothes as a prop

Play with your wardrobe and wear something that will flatter you. Try on some scarves, capes, hats gloves or a cute dress that will make you look absolutely stunning. The key to a great photograph is to choose clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.

The traditional tricks!

The traditional tricks always come in handy when you’re taking a photograph. To begin with, remember that it is not important to hold your breath as this will make you look all tense and very artificial, so just breathe calmly and enjoy the photo session. And the second trick is your toes. If you are not wearing any high heels then simply stand on your toes as this will make your legs look longer and will give an illusion of grace. While posing do not keep both your feet on the ground, try and move your body weight from one leg to the other. Your hands are yet another important element and they should never be symmetrical but constantly in motion.

So, keep in mind all these minute points that will help you to pose right and will always make you look fabulous in any picture!