Everything That You Need to Know About Photo Recovery


From camera pics to cell phone snapshots, we tend to store a lot of our memories in a digital format. To avoid taking up space on our devices, it’s not at all uncommon to make our Macs or PCs into the long-term storage solution for our photos. This is an effective and efficient way of holding onto the pictures that mean the most to us, but sometimes bad things can happen. Human error, viral attacks and other problems that befall your computer or external storage device can cause your photos to disappear.

You should know that photo recovery is absolutely possible, so that you know what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation. Read on to learn how your photos can accidentally become lost and what you can do to get them back.

How Do Photos Get Lost?

Most commonly, human error is behind accidentally deleted photos. However, viral attacks and hard disk crashes can also result in lost photographs and other files.

  • In Windows systems, pressing Shift+Del can permanently delete photographs. This can happen accidentally when typing too fast, or when trying to delete something else and selecting the wrong item unintentionally.
  • Emptying your Recycle Bin can cause photos to become “permanently” deleted. Children with access to the computer could accidentally do this, but it’s also common for adults to do this. When emptying their Recycle Bin on purpose, they may delete photos that were accidentally stored there.
  • Formatting drives will cause photos and other files to disappear from the drive.
  • Virus attacks can attack your files, causing them to be deleted before you get a chance to eliminate the virus – or even before you realize you have a virus in the first place.

How to Recover Deleted Photos

Fortunately, deleted photos don’t have to stay gone forever. Once you’ve realized that your photos aren’t where they should be, you can utilize one of any number of photo restoration applications. The best data recovery software available is RecoverIt which is considered to be among the Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software, a PC and Mac-friendly application that can restore photos of any major file type on your computer or its attached external storage units. RecoverIt can also restore lost text documents!

Using this software is incredibly simple. Simply go to the RecoverIt website and download the application directly from the source. This is free and works on computers hosting Windows or Mac operating systems. The installation may take some time, but the application will launch itself once it is ready. After the software does a thorough scan of the files on your computer as well as the files in any attached external devices, it will reveal which photos it has pulled up as eligible for photo recovery.

Once you press “recover,” you will have your photos restored to their original locations! It really is that easy. RecoverIt has helped thousands of users to recover photos that they had thought were gone forever due to a mistake, a virus or a hardware crash.