The Difference between Registering Your Business Name and Applying For a Trademark

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The terminology “trademark” means those names which are highly regarded,trade name, words, emails, facts and figures, drawings, labels, emblem, pictures, prototypes, models, publications or any other identification as given in the article (2)of trademark law and Federal Law No. 37 of 1992.To make a distinction among products and goods used by a mark or group of marks that came from whatever sources indicates that certain goods or services related to the trademark owner regarding their manufacturing, trading or assortment.

The most significant thing is to defend your brand whereas trademark registration with the help of Trademark services in UAE is most highly or extremely difficult. You need to discover who is well acquainted with required methodology concerning trademark registration services in Dubai as it will take effort away from your shoulders.Who will provide you with the official procedure and the research that will help you to register your trademark in Dubai.

The Purpose of a business name and a trademark

The purpose of a business name and a trademark is to look after your company in dissimilar ways as both have diverse direction. A business name only identifies your company like business name registration is not capable of granting full rights to you over that brand whereas a trademark will provide you with full privilege. The key part of your brand’s hallmark is your business name which holds a lot of influence and it will help you in discriminating your brand from your competitors.

How to secure your business name?

There are three different ways that can help you secure your business name.

  • Indexing a DBA which is called “Doing Business As”
  • You need to register your business name by designing anofficial business entity
  • Registration of a centralized trademark

The details giver underneath will guide you understand the differences between a business name and a trade name.

Business name:

Your company functions under the business name which is also linked to your Business Number assigned by your country.If you are dealing under a business name that does not relate to you then you only require indexing a business name.You just need to enlist once regardless of whether you deal in numerous states.You are not allowed to register that business name which is alike or indistinguishable to a business name and registered to other company or business.A business name does not authorize official rights to that name. The point behind this lies in condition if somebody else makes use of your business name for their company, and after that, you will not have any legal authority to impede them.

The individual who is officially authorized own the business might be:

  • Anindividual who is characterized asan exclusive trader
  • Can be a number of people that can be exemplified as existing in thejoint venture
  • A corporation, which will generally comprise of the words like ‘Pty Limited’ (or a little distinction) at the last part of its name.

You need not a business name if the authorized entity who owns the business operates under its individual name.


A trademark guards your name and prevents others from trading with it.While registering a trademark, you will have the authority of using that trademark all over Dubai.The preliminary time for the protection of a trademark in all states of Dubai and its territories is for 10 years. If you want your business name to use it exclusively, then you have to register your business name as a trademark.

The Difference in trademark and business name

Registering a trademark same as a business name is possible but their dissimilar registrations have to attain different goals like when you get registered as a trademark, the purpose is to brand or trademark service or a product whereas registering as a business name lies in the categorization of legal entity who owned the business and might include many services and products.

Benefits of registering a trademark

After registering your trademark, you will be able to enjoy the main benefits mentioned below:

  • You can confine utmost worth related to your business
  • Must make use of the registered trademark as a promoting tool which will help you raise your brand
  • Have to defend your trademark by delimiting the utilization of your trademark by others
  • Claim the one who tries to copy your trademark

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