photo editing

With the increase in the craze towards photography and introduction of social networking sites, photography is a bigger concept now. Introduction of social networking site shave further revolutionized this aspect. The moment you are out of your house and discovered something new, your hands automatically click the capture button and the moment is captured. Doesn’t matter, you have stepped out to an unknown place or you have discovered something new or you have made something new or nay other XYZ moment, instant pics are captured to upload on social networking sites and to share them with friends. Digital cameras have contributed a lot to this.

Websites that modify the images also require a mention here. It is with their creative effort that a normal looking picture looks beautiful and gets so many compliments. There are a lot of websites and software available these days on internet which claim to provide you with various effects. You can turn a serious looking photo into a funnier one. This online software allows you to edit the picture in the way you want. You can add customize backgrounds and can even manage to appear on the cover page of a magazine!

There are various such websites and online software available on the World Wide Web today. To make your task a little easier, we have here provide you with top 10 websites to modify images online.

  • Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the most trusted website. It is an efficient portal that helps you create and edit pictures with the help of various tools. It gives you the freedom to edit in any way you want with lots of additional effects already present handy there.


  • Splashup

Splashup is another website that provides you with quality features to edit and change your picture according to your wish.

  • Aviary

Aviary is an emerging high technology website. It allows you to have access to various features like adding cosmetics, changing the effects of light. It provides more fun and gives amazing results.

  • Photoshop express

Photoshop express is a good software to provide you with amazing results by editing pictures the way you want.

  • Snipshot with

With instant cropping affects available, this is another good website to provide you with additional effects. It also provides you with options of cropping and resizing.

  • Pic resize

At times, pictures taken from professional cameras are very sharp and thus occupy more memory. As a result of this, the pictures become difficult to share. Pic resize helps in resizing the pictures and images so that they can be easily be shared amongst friends and family throughout the world.

pic resize

  • Fotoflexer

Fotoflexer helps in enhancing the quality of your image by adding shapes and other effects. It also adds various layers to the picture so that it looks more enhanced and engraved.

  • Phixr

Phixr allows you to edit your image with lots of tools present there. It makes your image look more beautiful with creative effects.

  • Gimp

Gimp is yet mother background to provide you with editing tools. It provides a nice touch to all the photos you want to edit.

  • Be funky

Be funky allows you to add various other random images to your own photo and add funkier look to it. You may add various clip arts from a collection of images present there and can give it a little casual look.

These are the top 10 best editing software and websites which can help in editing your image and providing your image with funkier and beautiful looks depending upon your purpose. The choice of your photo editing software depends upon the ways you want to alter your program. Your level of skill and your competency with other software also decides the type of software you should choose. If you are looking for such software just for fun, you should have access to basic photo editing software. However, if you are looking for some finer details and want to achieve some professionalism in your images, you should go for some creative versions.

All the software discussed above are free for their basic version. You can choose the one which suits your needs and requirements the most. You can also gain feedback from your family members and relatives if they have used any of them. This will make you aware of that.

You can also try downloading one and using it. If it suits our needs, go for it else try downloading the new one.