Smart phone hacks for a more stylish home


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Renovating your home is an exciting process that sometimes feels overwhelming. You may lack the experience to make the best decisions about your redesign. Fortunately, there’s an interior designer available in your home right now that will work for free. It’s your smartphone, and you can download many apps for it that will help you fundamentally change the appearance of your residence. Yes, the days of comparing swatches are over. Now, all you need is your trusty iPhone 6s Plus and a fast T-Mobile connection to decorate like an HGTV expert.

You’re probably wondering about the types of decorating you can do with your phone. The user-friendly nature of the device provides plentiful options. If you wonder which color of paint would match your curtains, simply take a picture of them. Benjamin Moore Color Capture will identify which colors blend best. You can do the same with an accent pillow, matching your bedroom wall colors to bedding accessories. An app such as Homestyler is even more robust. It’ll help you select the best furniture for any room in your house. All you have to do is take a picture of the open space where you’d like the piece to rest. The app will show you 3D models of furniture pieces in that space, and you can pick your favorite.

Mark on Call provides a similar service if you’re upgrading your tile or other surfaces. It’ll display the various options for rugs, table surfaces, and tiles, letting you decide which one suits your needs. You can even pick your favorite and then have the software load virtual surfaces. This way, you can decide if you still like the look in the natural setting where you plan to implement it.

If you want additional suggestions on interior design apps for your smartphone, please read the attached infographic.