Top 10 free web design tools-To make your website cool check out a web design tool

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When you use the internet and log onto a website, do you ever give a thought into the work involved creating it?  The moving graphics that you see or animations, or the cool music or video that plays to you don’t insist you to know the secret behind it?  This was created for your enjoyment by what is called a web tool, and these help in assisting the person who creates that site.  In actual fact there are an extensive amount of free web design tools out there in the cyber world, from animations to colour schemes as you really can create it all.  If of course you know where to search for these tools then life will be bit simple for you.

When it involves the scripting and coding that goes into these sites, this determines how the site will look as well as interact with the user.  So by clicking on different things on there it may play music, or take you to certain links in that page.  But each page is built on scripting codes, from the homepage that we land on to the associated pages, and there are free web tools out there to help you create all of this!  Below is presented a list of the top 10 free web design tools, available to assist you in that professional look for your own website.

AJAX Animator: This will help you to create the flash and graphics that you see on so many other websites, it provides you with an animation tool and has no problems handing graphics such as animated GIF’s and SVG’s.  It also works offline as well, so you don’t have to be online to create your animation.


Aptana Studio:  This deals with the CSS and scripting that your website needs, it’s an Integrated Development Environment or IDE.  Here you can work in creating HTML content as well as JavaScript and CSS.  And we all know that JavaScript is used on many devices, and not just computers.

Audacity:  Want audio for your website?  Then you need this web tool, it will help you create all that cool music you see on other sites.  This tool is a music editor’s dream to record voice over and narration also.

Handbrake:  This free web tool will convert video for you from one format and export it as web friendly H.264 or Theora; it can also read unencrypted DVDs and other styles of media format.  You can save your settings also if you need to use this in the future.

Layer styles:  This is a graphics editor which sits in your browser; the dialog box has even been compared to a Photoshop style.  You can create all manner of borders and shadows as well as preview them, and on there is a button that shows you the CSS code too.

Power bullet:  If you are looking for a free web design tool that will help you create flash content, then look no further than Power bullet.  It has an interface like a word processor program, and he wizard you use on there is also user friendly.

Redmine:  If it’s a company website that you need tools for, as well as a good project management system on the web then this one is for you.  It helps with file management as well as calendars and other features, this workflow design tool is a must, and with this you can be sure you will never miss another important meeting again!

Swiffy:  This tool will convert any SWF file into a HTML5 file; unfortunately it will not convert flash games as yet.  But this is a tool which is provided by Google, and it helps you to not ignore those poor devices that have not the means to display flash content.

The Gimp:  Many people out there believe in spending money for the best graphics program they can find, but the internet provides us with this free web tool instead.  The Gimp is an imaging editing tool that works well on Linux, but also is passable on other operating systems.

WordPress:  Most of us in the cyber world have heard of this blogging website, it features blogs from everyday people from all walks of life.  As well as a whole host of tools, its user friendly and you also have a choice of themes and designs.


Now you know all the tools available out there, take full advantage and use them for your website.  They are all free, so why would you want to pay for programs which do the same thing?