Using Mobile Games and Apps to Promote your Blog


If you are a blogger or online business owner, chances are that you have already integrated your site with social media networks and have utilized aspects of SEO in your content. Another way of promoting your blog is to harness the power of smartphone technology. Using mobile apps can increase productivity and can make your blog stand out from the crowd. One of the most successful types of apps for promotional purposes is a gaming app. Surveys show that at the moment, 64% of smartphone users employ their device for gaming. All you have to do is look around to see that this is true, as this is one of the top ways for consumers to pass the time when waiting in a queue or sitting on public transportation.


Using Mobile Games and Apps to Promote your Blog


Creating a Memorable Connection

Bloggers who can create a connection between a mobile video game and their own website will see a sharp uptick in visits. This may sound far more difficult than it is! You don’t have to be an expert in animation or industrial design to start using programs like Blender or 3D modelling software. There are websites that help you design your own apps for Android, and an array of free tutorials out there to help you get started. As you’re just beginning the process of creating a new mobile app or game to promote your blog, you’ll first want to sit down and think of a concept that will appeal to your readers. Do you have a distinct online personality as a blogger? You can make yourself a character in your game or create related characters for your readers.

If you sell products on your blog, you can create a game or app that rewards players with free shipping, shop discounts, or other promotional tie-ins. If your blog is purely informational or for entertainment purposes, you could include a juicy bit of gossip or access to a private image gallery as reward for playing the game. Any rewards or discounts that you can include in your app will encourage readers to not only download and play your game, but it will also make them want to share your game with friends.


Effective Game Designs

The best games tend to be those that are fairly simple, so don’t think that you must create the next award-winning concept. One example of this is the astonishing popularity of “Angry Birds,” which couldn’t be simpler. You can create 3D models using animation software, or keep your design simple with basic shapes. Players can try to get to new levels of the game or simply try to beat their own score. Once you have created your app, you can upload it onto sites like Google Play, Amazon, SlideMe, or Get Jar.

It’s better to just put your app out there to see how it performs before you start spending more money to fix it up. You can help improve your app’s chances of becoming popular by promoting your new game among your blog readership and social network.

Creating your own mobile apps, particularly of the gaming variety, can work wonders into making your blog stand out from its competition. This can give you a unique, competitive edge that will increase traffic and even land some extra sales.