5 Smart Ways to Revive Old Posts of Your Blog


It is a well-known fact that old posts on a blog receive lesser traffic as compared to the newer ones. Old posts tend to go in the archives. It is not a good feeling for a blogger to notice his hard work going in vain. Some of these posts would be gems and possibly far better than the newer ones, so you would want your readers to enjoy reading them. There is no need to be sad because there are options to revive the old posts and bring back their losing charm. Following are some of the methods to revive old posts:


5 Smart Ways to Revive Old Posts of Your Blog


Update your old posts:

Over the years, there have been drastic changes in the blogosphere. There has been a continued rise in the number of blog posts coming up on the Internet and a plethora of updates have come up to maintain quality content. Some blog posts may seem irrelevant after the recent updates of search engines, so there is need to update these posts in order to make them relevant and thereby increase the traffic.


For instance, you had written top 5 health websites on the Internet a year back. This post would be irrelevant in the present day scenario, so the best thing you can do is to update the list with the websites that rank on the top 5 in the year 2013.


Cross Linking:

This is one of the best things to do in order to revive the old posts. You can cross link the old posts by the use of particular keywords as anchor text and reap benefits in the form increased traffic in your older posts. This method can turn out to be a boon because it not only increase traffic on older posts but also increases your search engine ranking and PR of your website. Well, a blogger can’t ask for more.


Follow up Posts:

This may appear to be similar to cross linking but it is a step ahead to it, as this involves direct linkage of the new post with older one. Scan your old posts and check the blog posts, which deserve a follow up post. If you’re a lover of movies, then you can directly take instance from them. For instance, Spider Man was a super hit movie, so the makers of the movie decided to come up with second and then third follow up of the movie. You can do the same with your blog post.


Optimize old posts:

Search engines are without any doubt the best source for receiving organic traffic. You should try optimizing your blog posts in order to drive traffic from search engines to these blog posts. Try reassessing the keywords, tweak the keyword density and try molding the Meta description in order to optimize the blog post. This way you can add life to your old posts.


Use Social Media Sites:

There is no doubt on the fact that social media sites are one of the best sources of traffic on a website. This is applicable to both old and new posts on your blog. You should work on different social media websites and try exploiting its power. This is a great method to grab the traffic on your old posts pretty easily. You can use social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and stumble upon to get traffic to your old posts.
There are various other methods for increasing traffic to your website, and it is essential for you to try them out.