The Joys and Versatility of Document Sharing: Using Document Sharing for Business and Personal Reasons


Document sharing has so many great benefits, and it has helped millions of individuals to accomplish different daily tasks with their documents and files. If you have shared documents before you will know it has so many great benefits. If you have ever found the need to share documents, whether they are school papers, important outlines for your job, PowerPoint presentations, or family photos, then you know email can sometimes be a hassle; especially when you are trying to send multiple documents in a single email. Document sharing is the ultimate solution to this problem, and can give you much needed relief from having to add multiple documents to a large amount of emails just to be able to get around the maximum file size limit of email providers.


document sharing


As just discussed, email can be an incredibly difficult method of file sharing, especially when you are frequently transferring large amounts of documents. This also takes up valuable space within your inbox with your email provider, causing the need to continuously clean out your inbox in order to keep your allotted storage amounts open. External storage devices, such as flash drives, are also rather difficult, these physical storage devices require that you transfer the files physically to another computer or person. Transporting the drives can become time consuming; and then if you send the
drive by post, you will not only incur costs for postage but for the device itself.


These are some of the reasons that document sharing and file storage sites have become so widespread and popular. There are many different sites to choose from, all offering different features, pricing, and security levels. If you are continually finding the need to transfer files to other people, you will definitely love the services and features offered by these providers. Our recommendation if you are starting out is Egnyte, one of the best in the market currently.


File storage can allow you to upload massive amounts of documents, and then set different restriction levels for individuals to download them. If you want the document to be open to anyone and everyone (such is the case with bloggers who want to share documents with readers), you can set the files to public. If you are only sharing them with particular family members or friends, you can resort to only sharing the download link with them; or you can password protect the files, in case they are somewhat sensitive or private? If you decide you want to be the only one who can
view the files (for example, if you are simply using the file storage site for personal file storage instead of sharing), you can password protect and hide the relevant folders and files.


With the different options available with storage sites, there is something out there for everyone. There are even sharing sites that are dedicated to only particular types of media. Some of these popular sites include YouTube (videos), and Flicker (photos). No matter what sort of files you have to share, you can find the platform and security needs that apply to you and your documents with ease.