9 Great iPhone Apps for Musicians


With the advent of a number of interesting applications in the world of Apple iPhone, there are some wonderful offerings for music lovers also. To feel the melody of instrumental music is truly an incredible experience and now there are various iPhone apps available that can offer you this wonderful feeling of instrumental music on the way. You can tune, play or compose your favorite music without the need of any guitar or drums or synthesizer or even piano. Isn’t it amazing?


Music iPhone Apps


Thanks to today’s innovative technology that has given birth to some of the very best music apps and has opened a platform for the music lovers to feel an aura of melody and rhythm with the click of a finger on their Apple iPhone. With the help of these awesome apps you can easily turn your iPhone into an ultimate music gallery. So now blow, shake or strum with these 10 best iPhone apps for musicians and feel the melodious musical experience with your mobile on the go.


1. Pocket Guitar

This wonderful app offers you flexibility of experiencing sounds from 6 different stringed instruments such as acoustic electric guitar, classical guitar, muted guitar, electric guitar, bass and ukulele. You can play with the strings of any of these instruments without having your guitar in your hand.
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Pocket Guitar


2. Guitar Toolkit

This is one of the best apps for music lovers to play guitar on the go. It contains more than 40 alternate tunings that help you to tune your guitar into a desired direction. Moreover you can also use fret board on the app. It also has a chord finder and metronome.
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Guitar Toolkit


3. Drum Kit Lite

This app contains a 6 piece drum kit that helps you to play multiple drums on the go. You can also add beats to the music simultaneously and feel the experience of playing real drums on your iPhone.
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Drum Kit Lite


4. Finger Beat

This cool app helps you to create new rhythms and also enables you to record external sounds with the help of its built-in microphone. Moreover you can also upload the sounds from the music library.
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Finger Beat


5. Beat Maker

As the name suggests, this app also enables you to make beats. You can use up to five different sample pads simultaneously and can also adjust volume and pitch according to your requirement. This app also offers you flexibility of transforming patterns into entire song and later on you can also share your song with your friends by exporting it to the file.
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Beat Maker


6. iSequence

If you are interested in DJ, this is the right app for you. It includes 55 professional musical instruments such as drum kits, synthesizers, basses and guitars etc. that help you to compose and play music with different kinds of mixing effects.
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7. Piano Sharp

If you want to tune your favorite music on a piano, this is just the right choice. While composing music on piano, you can also record songs and also export the songs with the help of this app. It also includes metronome that enables you create a masterpiece with your piano sharp app.
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Piano Sharp


8. Guitar: Play and Share

This acoustic guitar app helps you to learn and play songs on guitar. It includes adjustable tunings to match your recordings so that you can see what you are doing.
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Guitar - Play and Share


9. Band

This last app in the list offers you to have an entire band to be kept in your pocket. You can play a variety of instruments like drum, bass guitar or piano with the help of this great Band iPhone app. Now play any of the musical instruments of your choice, record your tracks and be the shining star among your friends.
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