SEO Consultant: Why you should start thinking about hiring one


You have probably been hearing people saying that SEO is the most important aspect in every online business like Amazon or even NGO´s like Save the children.

But, do you know what does SEO mean? Search Engine Optimization is known as the process of getting traffic from organic, editorial, free and natural search results on search engines. So, it helps to make your website shown up on the first page of search results on Yahoo, Bing or Google.

The truth is that many people don´t even pay attention to the second or third page of search results on web search engines.

Increase your company´ search engine visibility is essential to boosting your user´s visits and is very useful for increasing brand awareness and profits. So, every business needs to hire a SEO Consultant or Specialist in order to improve its site´s search engine ranking. But, how can any SEO Consultant help me with my business? In this article, we will explain different actions that the right SEO Consultant must take.

1. Analyze web results and keyword research

Every SEO Consultant needs to study carefully all results and information from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools or different web analytics tools installed previously.

Every digital agency such as neoattack marketing online, affirms that it´s really important to gather all information which is considered useful for making some changes and improvements. On the other hand, the keyword research is essential to help draw qualified traffic and leads to your site.

Knowing what words and phrases are most important for your website to rank for is crucial for the optimization of your pages in your site. When you have unqualified traffic is frustrating to your company (because there is traffic but no leads) and to visitors (because they didn´t find what they were looking for). Choosing the wrong keywords always means a high bounce rate.

A SEO Consult will be able to attract user´s that are really interested in your website. One method to increase visits is creating content on a blog, which makes users to spend more time on your website.

After the keyword research is vital to measure its success asking these questions:

  1. How is the organic traffic for the keywords that you are receiving
  2. The organic traffic is useful for converting users to sales
  3. Can you see that your site ranking is highly enough in organic search results

2. Communicate all changes made to your site and follow search engine´s webmaster guidelines

Any kind of optimization will need a large number of changes to your web page coding. Because of that is very advisable to know exactly what adjustments the SEO Consultant plans to make. A couple of examples are:

  1. Adding new title tags to your HTML code
  2. Redesign all or some of your website navigation

SEO Consultants must abide by Google´s publicly posted webmaster practices, which prohibit for example twelve common SEO tricks.

3. Be able to implement an online marketing strategy completely

This aspect is absolutely necessary because we can waste a lot of time and money if our SEO Consultant can´t make all the changes and improvements of the online marketing strategy for our company. SEO consultants must be capable of creating email campaigns with Mailrelay and others email services;   get social media engagement; publish fresh content for blogs etc. Jack from said: ‘Many different SEO companies offer to get your site to the top of a google search using techniques such as link building, PPC advertising and on page optimisation. Choosing the right one company be essential for boosting your site.’

We hope you ´ve found interesting our tips and hire a SEO Consultant to increase your profits.