How To Find the Best IT Support


​Do you own a growing business that would benefit from reliable and practical IT services? Does your current IT company lack the support you are looking for? These two situations are incredibly common for business owners across the United States, leaving many wondering where to turn and which company will best suit their business needs.

Finding quality business IT support can seem like a daunting and headache inducing task, but when you know what to look for in a company you can really narrow down your search to the best of the best.

​Cloud Services

Today’s business world relies on the cloud to access company data anytime, anywhere. Whether you count on employees who work remotely or simply need that extra storage space, storing information in the cloud just makes good business sense. However, it is important to make sure that information is kept secure across all platforms while remaining streamlined and efficient.

Your IT company should use cloud computing technology that allows your staff to easily access the files they need from office or home work spaces. At the same time, this technology should allow you to rest easy knowing your business valuable information is kept safe and secure.

Managed Services

While it isn’t something that anyone thinks will happen to them, viruses and malware affect millions of Americans every year. These attacks can cause your servers, email systems, and more to malfunction. Getting everything up and running again afterwards can be a time consuming pain.

Your IT company needs to be proactive about these issues, preventing malicious attacks from happening in the first place. That means monitoring your systems and communicating with you, the owner, about any potential problems.

​Phone Systems

While the internet continually provides us with fast and effective means of communication, the top businesses in the nation still know that communicating with customers over the phone is the best practice. Whether your business makes routine calls or has a lot of inbound traffic, your phone system needs to perform flawlessly to maintain productivity.

Your IT company should offer more than just the basics, they should feature voice over IP systems that allow you to conduct business anywhere without having to worry about dropped or missed calls. Not only that, but they should help you to flawlessly maintain the ability to hold video conferences, desktop control over voicemail and transfers, and smartphone integration.

​Professional Services

IT is meant to be a solution, and that mentality should extend all the way into helping your business function. What does that mean, exactly?

Your IT company should assist or manage audits on software licensing, security, and technology processing as well as data and exchange migrations. They should handle all hardware installations and interim staffing alongside management of security solutions and project management implementation. Plus they should be able to develop a top notch website or application for you anytime.

​How Do Know Who’s Best?

​Plenty of companies make promises about the services mentioned above they can’t keep, so how do you know which IT companies are worth your time and money?

The first thing is to look for how long they have been around, and how many of those years they have been in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, the NCTA, and their local technology agencies. Longer is usually better, but be sure to look for any news coverage or awards they may have received as well as any customer reviews detailing their performance.

Their website should reflect their technological prowess, as well as feature detailed information about their services and support. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they’re featured on social media. You’ll be able to see what plenty of customers have to say about them there.