Security Drones Offer Aerial Protection for Any Location


Security Drones Offer Aerial Protection for Any Location

You cannot always be at your job site or office complex. This includes business and industrial parks, new construction, vehicle storage and hazardous material locations. You can hire security personnel to watch the job site during the night and other times when it is not occupied. You can also use security drones, known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), for surveillance. These are used extensively for research and by various law enforcement agencies around the world.

UAV security drones are automated patrols programmed to fly over any industrial or business park site, in all weather, at any time. The drone camera monitors the site, and it sends live aerial views of the complex to any computer or mobile device. An airborne drone will move faster than any ground crew.

New Construction

A housing development, office building or any construction site has vehicles, tools and heavy equipment on site. Work is usually not done in the dark, on weekends, holidays or in bad weather. The heavy equipment, including excavators and cranes, will stay at the site until their job is complete. This is a major investment for the building contractor and property owners.

A drone used during hours when the site is not attended will be helpful to:

  • monitor the condition and safety of equipment
  • continuously check the safety of the site
  • alert security and record unauthorized personnel at the site

The site may be a deep, hazardous hole in the ground in the early stages of construction. The area should be fenced off. Security personnel will be alerted by the drone if a trespasser wanders onto the site. A person climbing or cutting the fence will be caught on the drone’s camera. This is a major deterrent to vandalism and protects against lawsuits for injuries by trespassers.

Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Storage

Cranes, bulldozers and other heavy machinery have to be stored when not in use. Storage yards for heavy equipment should be monitored at all times for safety and security.

While stealing a bulldozer may be challenging, many have tried, and unwanted visitors may want to help themselves to smaller parts and equipment. Security drones will monitor this facility around the clock, if necessary. Wrecking yards and car lots will also benefit from the use of airborne security drones. This is an extra layer of protection.

Business and Industrial Parks

Business parks cover acres of buildings that can include manufacturing, storage and warehouse distribution centers. Business and industrial parks have computers and other costly electronic equipment that can be compromised or stolen.

A security drone will cover this area at all times or when the offices and warehouses are closed. This is major protection against theft and property damage. More than one drone may be necessary to patrol a large industrial site or business park.

Hazardous Sites

Airborne security drones are the latest innovation in protection for sites that have hazardous materials and equipment. The drones can provide surveillance for power plants, electrical distribution yards, manufacturing locations and chemical plants. They can fly over oil fields and refineries.

Cameras within the drones are programmed to record all activity on the ground, including equipment malfunction in some cases. Drones can be embedded with thermal sensors and ground vibration sensors. They can alert to a fire or other potential catastrophe.

Pixel Security offers NEOSAFE, an award-winning security drone system for protection of high-security areas for businesses and government operations. The company, based in France, has provided aerial security solutions for business and industrial operations around the world. Their aerial surveillance drones work in all weather conditions.