Make Your Website Future Ready


Youth in current time, comprises of a whopping 40% of internet users. Considering this, it is imperative that websites have to be designed keeping in mind the fact that it must appeal to younger users. Their tastes, preferences and requirements are much different than others.


Having said this, is there a concrete formula for designing websites that appeals to the young? Can there be one, considering they are so dynamic and diverse in terms of their wants. Well, maybe there isn’t a formula that will cater to every whim and fancy, but for the most part, yes, there are a few basic things that one can take care of.


Make Your Website Future Ready




Design is of paramount importance when it comes to the younger generation. They like to see the creative side. While creating a website targeted for the youth it is very important that you give equal importance to the design of the website, as you do to the functionality.



Colors guide the mood of the website. The right colors used in the right combination can deliver a strong impact. Color usage has to be a dynamic thing though, because sometimes, colors also are featured in trends. So pick the trending colors or colors that symbolize some trending topic.



Minimalism is the current rage. Impatience is often associated with the youth today. They prefer not to hear your pomp, but to come straight down to business to know what they can benefit from your products. A minimal approach pulls the entire focus to a central element that is the main service or the product. It is extremely classy and yet useful.


Eliminate Clutter

Do away with all the clutter. The young generation is quite distracted. They don’t tend to focus on a particular topic and get lured away by something else that catches their attention. This is why; you must do away with all the clutter on your page so as to never distract your visitor from it.



The younger person today wishes to voice his opinion. So let him do exactly that on your page. If you do not allow him to speak, there is no need for him to be there. Incorporate a comment avenue where the visitor can leave comments or engage in discussions. You should encourage him to ask questions and always be available to answer them. You can also put a chat option so that you can give them ready assistance.


Parental Supervision

Parents are very careful about what they allow their kids to watch. Do not get marked as a forbidden site. Be careful about the content you are flashing and the kind of comments and backlinks on your site. See, perhaps you are not directly involved in giving away content that parents may find inappropriate for the kids, however, if your website has links or comments with backlinks with land on any such website, then there is a high chance that the search engine crawlers may identify you are a potential threat.



This blog post aims at helping individuals designing websites undertake a demographic analysis and create a website that appeals to the younger generation.